25 Serene Winter Water Scenes

Frozen rivers for skating, waterfalls that cascade down as solid icicles, morning mists rising off lakes as the sun rises. Such magical scenes define winter, and these 25 photos capture them perfectly.

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"Lake Tahoe was over 50 degrees warmer than the -9 degree weather we had at sunrise."

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"An unexpected blizzard turned my June vacation to Yellowstone into a January scene! Despite the weird weather, the bison continued to enjoy the new green grass peeking out beneath the snow along the shore of this beautiful lake."

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"The Hudson River on a winter morning."

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"Icy lake in winter, Brevard, North Carolina."

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"As cold and cruel as winter can be, it also offers some dramatic beauty such as this frozen waterfall located behind our home and frozen onto the surface of Grayson Lake in KY."

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"New London, New Hampshire is at the north end of beautiful Lake Sunapee."

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"As the story goes, when the Pail and Shovel Party took over student government at the University of Wisconsin, they promised to have the Statue of Liberty relocated to campus, but when they were airlifting it in, the cables broke and the statue sunk into Lake Mendota."

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"Lake Naa in Greenland has a coating of ice."

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"Amsterdam skater."

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"Sundance, Utah."

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"This picture depicts Fanette Island which is the only island on Lake Tahoe and is located in Emerald Bay. My wife and I were taking an excursion on the M.S. Dixie II paddleboat in February when this amazing view was captured. Fortunately for us, Lake Tahoe does not freeze over in the winter because of its amazing 1000 ft average depth."

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"Lake Tekapo, New Zealand. No traffic, no buildings, not a single soul in sight. Just loads of peace, fresh air, and incredibly beautiful landscapes."

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"Lions Gate Bridge, Stanley Park, Vancouver."

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"Early morning, and a little wispy cloud streamed over Dewey Lake."

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"Fishing boat in Glacier Bay, Alaska."

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"The 2011 Cottage Cup in Burr Ridge, Ontario, Canada. Every year my buddy and his 4 brothers invite all their friends up to the family lake for an annual hockey tournament. This year was cold, -14, but probably the best year yet."

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"Ely, Minnesota lake country in winter."

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"Winter in the marshes on the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge near Hilton Head Island, South Carolina."

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"View of Cucumber Falls from the steps leading down."

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"This is the beautiful Esopus Creek just west of the Woodland Valley Bridge."

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"Sharing the Paulet Island beach with a solitary skua and a fur seal."

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"While photographing the February winter sunsets on Sitka Sound, Alaska I positioned myself to include the Rockwell Reef Lighthouse."

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"This photo was taken from the grounds of Fort McHenry in Baltimore, MD. I am looking south I believe, into the harbor. The low sun, scattered clouds, and leafless trees provided some great shots that day."

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"The East Fork is beautiful any time of the year, especially in winter after a snowfall."

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"A rock encased in ice in Smith's Cove, Green's Island, Maine."

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