Hotel Colors

A playful color scheme and the owners' welcoming demeanor brighten this hotel within church-bell echo of Vatican City.

By Barbie Latza Nadeau, Wednesday, Dec 17, 2008, 1:00 PM

Hotel Colors

About this Hotel

Price From $92

'Hood Vatican/Prati, within church-bell echo of Vatican City. The area's personality is split between services for religious pilgrims and the large villas of affluent Romans.

First Impression This cheery hotel is brightened by a playful color scheme and the welcoming demeanor of English-speaking husband-and-wife team Pierluigi and Fulvia.

Rooms Bedspreads and walls in the 20 simple guest rooms are splashed with vibrant blues, greens, and reds. A six-bed dorm room can be rented as a whole unit or by the bed, and two self-catering apartments sleep up to six people.

Plus Relax on the attractive rooftop terrace with tables, chairs, and potted plants. Guests who want to cook can make use of the kitchen (stock up at the nearby markets); those who don't can help themselves to the kitchen's stash of corn flakes, jam, and coffee.

Minus Most guests are young and on a budget, so there's a collegiate vibe, which can sometimes translate into a lack of privacy.

Free Wi-Fi? No. Computers with Internet access are available in the lobby for $2.80 (€2) per hour.

Credit Cards Accepted None; cash only.

Details Dorm bed from $23 (€18), double with shared bath from $79 (€60), double with private bath from $116 (€88), and double with shower from $99 (€75).

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