Photos: Amazing Experiences Every Traveler MUST Try!

From hang gliding in Los Angeles to dancing the tango in Buenos Aires, these getaways are almost as fun to look at as they are to take!

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Source Article: Photos: Amazing Experiences Every Traveler MUST Try!

The Rhine River at  Loreley in Germany

The Rhine River at the iconic Lorelei in Germany—an example of what you might expect from a classic European River Cruise.


Castle Reichenstein near Trechtingshausen in Middle Rhine Valley, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

Castle Reichenstein near Trechtingshausen, one of the sights along the Rhine.

(Christian Mueringer/Dreamstime)

Riverboat on Rhine River to Basel Switzerland

A riverboat on the Rhine on its way to Basel, Switzerland.

(David Espin/Dreamstime)

Elephant herd crossing the road, Kenya, Africa.

An elephant herd crossing the road is the kind of once-in-a-lifetime experience you'll be craning your neck for on a game-viewing ride on a safari in Kenya.


Game viewing vehicle on Safari with two giraffes, Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, East Africa

The only shooting you'll see on a trip to Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya is photographers aiming at iconic African mammals like these giraffes.


Tourists in boat look at waterbuck antelopes on Naivasha Lake, Kenya, Africa.

Safaris aren't limited to land. Here, visitors watch waterbuck antelopes on Kenya's Naivasha Lake.

(Oleg Znamenskiy/Dreamstime)

Snorkeling in San Pedro, Belize.

Snorkeling in Belize is surprisingly easy for almost any traveler—not to mention unforgettable.

(Courtesy CameliaTWU/Flickr)

Snorkeling in Belize Central America

An up-close-and-personal encourter while snorkeling in Belize.

(Cia Pix/Dreamstime)

Aerial shot of the coast of Belize

Belize's Blue Hole is a popular dive spot made famous by Jacques Cousteau.

(Cia Pix/Dreamstime)

Hang gliding in California

A perfect day for hang gliding in Los Angeles.

(Courtesy tree007/Flickr)

Tandem gliding at sunset

Tandem gliding with an expert pilot is a unique way to enjoy a California sunset.

(Courtesy dbrown1029/Flickr)

Hang gliders against blue sky.

You'll bring home a truly brag-worthy story after gliding over Southern California.

(Nelson Hale/Dreamstime)

Tuscany hills San Gimignano Italy

Cooking lessons in Tuscany mean you're surrounded by rolling farmland—and often by vineyards and olive trees.


Cooking Class Tuscany Italy

A friendly, supportive environment is just one of the perks (along with fresh hand-made pasta and maybe even gelato) of a cooking lesson in Tuscany.

(Courtesy kbrinner/Flickr)

Handmade ravioli gnocchi Italian cooking class Tuscany

Cooking lessons may not sound like the ultimate adventure—but when you serve your friends your own ravioli and gnocchi they'll want to hear all about your trip.

(Courtesy Tuscany Cooking Class/Flickr)

Tango dancers perform in San Telmo in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dancing isn't limited to stages and dance halls in Argentina, which is why the perfect way to get to know the country is by taking tango lessons in Buenos Aires.

(King Ho Yim/Dreamstime)

Rosario City Argentina tango dancers

Tango permeates the culture of Argentina, not only in Buenos Aires but also in smaller communities.

(Sergio Schnitzler/ Dreamstime)

Man and woman dancing Argentine tango

The flashy, ambitious moves of experienced tango dancers will leave you breathless, but beginners can learn a much more subdued—and manageable—version of the dance.

(Claudio Perrone/Dreamstime)

Little girl and grandfather on beach

Genealogy travel is a growing business that allows families—of all generations—to walk in the footsteps of their ancestors.

(Daniela Spyropoulou/Dreamstime)

Family portrait of a family reunion at the ocean.

Americans of all ethnic backgrounds can explore their heritage thanks to online resources and companies that specialize in routes to your roots.


Genealogy family history theme with old family photos and documents

A genealogy expert can help interpret your family's photographs and documents as you establish your own old-country itinerary.


students Ciudad Vieja, Antigua, Guatemala

Volunteer vacations offer a chance to teach kids arts and crafts, language, and other skills.

(Uli Danner/Dreamstime)

Volunteer Abroad Costa Rica

Costa Rica is just one of many volunteer vacation opportunities abroad, including education, wildlife conservation, and construction projects.

(Courtesy abroaderview.volunteers/Flickr)

Volunteering India IVHQ

Volunteers can travel to India to work with children in orphanages and schools.

(Courtesy IVHQ/Flickr)

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