25 reasons why Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world

Whether it’s your first trip or your twentieth, the Eternal City is sure to impress. From the ancient beauty of the Roman Colosseum to iconic sites like the Trevi Fountain, we present 25 gorgeous photos of Rome, brought to you by our Budget Travel audience.

By Kaeli Conforti, Friday, Dec 2, 2016, 9:00 AM

Source Article: 25 reasons why Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world

The Pantheon at Night

"The Pantheon at night."

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Romes Colosseum in the light of a setting sun, Italy

"Rome's Colosseum in the light of a setting sun."

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St. Peters Square

"The courtyard entrance of St. Peter's Square facing into St. Peter's Basilica."

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A  beautiful Italian market scene

"This is the quaint daily market in Campo di Fiori in the center of Rome, Italy. Over a decade ago I spent some time studying abroad and stayed in small apartment not far from this market. I have wonderful memories of visiting Campo di Fiori almost every morning to pick out fresh breads, cheese, and flowers for my room. It's always a treat to go back and visit."

(Courtesy egyptianheidi/myBudgetTravel)

The Arch of Titus

"The Arch of Titus."

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The Spanish Steps

"The Spanish Steps link the church Trinita dei Monti with the Piazza di Spagna below. It is a magnificent staircase built in the 17th century combining straight sections, curves and terraces. A visit to the Spanish Steps gives you the opportunity to meet people from all over the world or just sit down on one of the steps and watch the passers-by."

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Cafe cappuccino

"Café cappuccino. Eating in Rome is a delight."

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Early evening shadow in Rome

"Early evening shadow in Rome."

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Wildflowers bloom in the Roman Forum

"Wildflowers bloom in the Roman Forum, uncaring of the history of the stones around them."

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Overlooking the Roman Forum and Colosseum

"Overlooking the Roman Forum and Colosseum."

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Twin churches at the far end of Piazza del Popolo, Rome

"Twin churches at the far end of Piazza del Popolo."

(Courtesy Janice St Marie/myBudgetTravel)

Bridge of history

"This historic bridge over the Tiber River in Rome connects modern Rome with the old city and all its historic buildings, and museums. I noticed this reflectionwhile our tour bus was stopped at a traffic light."

(Courtesy greenngold1/myBudgetTravel)

Inside the Roman Colosseum

"Italy was my first European vacation and was it spectacular! I visited Rome, Venice, and Florence and each city had it's own charm. I can't wait to go back and see more of Italy."

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The Trevi Fountain

"A view of the Trevi Fountain."

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Castel SantAngelo at night

"A view of the Castel Sant'Angelo at night."

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Laundry hanging high above the pedestrians on a line strung across the street on a glorious spring day in Rome.

"Laundry hanging high above the pedestrians on a line strung across the street on a glorious spring day in Rome."

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Old and New Rome

"When old and new Rome meet."

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Piazza Navona

"This was taken in a cathedral at Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy."

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View of Rome

"Astounding view [from the top of St. Peter's Basilica], and worth the climb even if it's a thousand steps. You can do it."

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Inside St. Peters Basilica

"Inside St. Peter's Basilica."

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Inside the Colosseum

"The Roman Colosseum."

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The Colosseum at night

"This particular night, I caved and paid five euro for a little dingy tripod that a street vendor had tirelessly been trying to sell me. I increased the ISO on my Canon Rebel to 400 and set the f-stop to 3.5 and a full one-second shutter speed. This was the result. Needless to say, I am thrilled I bought that little tripod! I still use it on many occasions."

(Courtesy egyptianheidi/myBudgetTravel)

Window reflections

"Walking through the ancient narrow streets of Rome's Trastevere section really takes you back in time. I love the paint color on this building and the marvelous reflection also caught my eye."

(Courtesy njk1951/myBudgetTravel)

Browsing at the market in Rome

"Browsing at the market in Rome."

(Courtesy Janice St Marie/myBudgetTravel)

The Bridge of Angels

"The Bridge of Angels."

(Courtesy traveleyed/myBudgetTravel)

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