The Most Beautiful Spring Destination Is...

With flowering public gardens and boulevards made for strolling hand-in-hand, spring is the perfect time of year to visit Paris. And a great exchange rate and lower fuel prices have made the city more affordable than you think.

By The Budget Travel Editors, Monday, Dec 31, 2012, 6:00 PM

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Paris Eiffel Tower

A classic view of Paris from the Arc de Triomphe.

(Luboslav Tiles/Dreamstime)

Eiffel Tower Paris France

The park around the Eiffel Tower is open into the evening, when the site is (at least a little) less crowded.

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Eiffel Tower spring Paris

When it was first propopsed, Paris's artists called the Eiffel Tower "monstrous." It now attracts more than 7 million visitors each year.

(Dan Breckwoldt /

The Louvre Paris France

The Louvre museum may have the greatest collection of recognizable masterpieces, such as Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, in the world.

(Europhotos /

Musee du Louvre Paris France

The Louvre was once a palace and a fort. As great as the art inside is, don't forget to tour the grounds and gardens.

(Erik De Graaf /

The Louvre Paris France

Keep this tip in mind: The Louvre is less crowded around mid-afternoon, and prices drop after 3 p.m.

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Versailles France

The amazing buildings of Versailles are a short trip outside Paris, and not to be missed in springtime.




Gardens Versailles

If blooming gardens are your thing, Versailles might be your favorite spot in France.

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Paris day trips Versailles

A day trip fit for a king? Set aside at least a day to tour Versailles.

(Henry/Wikimedia Commons)

Paris France cafe

Le Consulat, an iconic spot in artsy Montmartre.

(Pablo Rogat/Dreamstime)

Paris France cafe

Don't forget to take time to just stroll the streets of Paris, where you'll come across exceptional cafés and do some of the world's best people watching.


Parisian street cafe

Most Paris hotels will offer a complimentary coffee and croissant each morning.

(Ekaterina Pokrovsky/Dreamstime)

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris France

Notre Dame cathedral has been wowing visitors for centuries.

(Michal Bednarek/Dreamstime)

Paris France Notre Dame Cathedral

The view from atop Notre Dame as Quasimodo himself might have seen it.

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Notre Dame Cathedral Paris France

The view of Notre Dame from the Seine is one of Paris's most inspiring sights.

(Courtesy CliffK/myBudgetTravel)

Basilique Sacre Coeur Paris France

A panorama of Paris features Sacre Coeur in the distance.

(Aliaksandr Ivanou/Dreamstime)

basilica Sacre-Coeur Montmartre Paris France

You'll find the famous basilica of Sacre Coeur in Montmartre.

(Dan Breckwoldt/Dreamstime)

Aerial view Paris Sacre-Coeur Basilica Montmartre France

The don't-miss aerial view of Paris from the Sacre Coeur basilica in Montmartre.

(Aliaksandr Ivanou/Dreamstime)

flowers Tuileries Paris France

Springtime is the best time to visit Paris. Here, the colorful flowers at the Tuileries.

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Paris flowers in spring

As beautiful as Paris's art and archictecture are, sometimes they can't compare with the spring flowers.

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Flowers market Paris

Flowers in a Paris market.

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Arc de Triomphe Paris France

Sunset at the Arc de Triomphe.


Arc de Triomphe Paris France

For yet another great view of Paris's river and classic architecture, visit the Arc de Triomphe.

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Arc de Triomphe Paris French flag

The Arc de Triomphe flies a fluttering French flag.

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Jardins du Luxembourg Paris France

Paris's Luxembourg Garden is a magnet for springtime visitors.


Palais du Luxembourg Paris France

Palais du Luxembourg is home to some of the finest public gardens in Paris.


Jardins du Luxembourg Paris France

Luxembourg Garden is a good spot for a stroll or a picnic.

(Jardins du Luxembourg or Luxembourg garden in Paris, France)

Musee dOrsay Paris clock

Main hall of the Musée D'Orsay, in a former railroad station.

(Jan Kranendonk/Dreamstime)

Musée Orsay Seine RIver Paris France

View of the Musée D'Orsay, on the left bank of the Seine.

(Elena Makarova/Dreamstime)

Musee dorsay Paris France

Musee D'orsay is housed in the former Beaux-Arts style Gare d'Orsay.


People streets Paris France

Paris is second to none for people watching.


couple walking Paris France

You can reenact An American in Paris by strolling hand-in-hand by the Seine.

(Ekaterina Pokrovsky/Dreamstime)

Avenue des Champs Elysees Paris France

Parisians stroll the Champs Elysees in springtime.

(Radu Razvan Gheorghe/Dreamstime)

Shakespeare and Company Paris France Spring

Shakespeare and Company has been attracting book lovers since the days when Ernest Hemingway and James Joyce made Paris their home.

(Courtesy linJudy/Flickr)

Inside Shakespeare and Company Paris France

Inside the famous Shakespeare and Company book shop.

(Courtesy ashbot/Flickr)

Shakespeare and Company store front Paris France

Shakespeare and Company championed important works of 20th-century modernism such as James Joyce's Ulysses.

(Courtesy UncleBucko/Flickr)

Pere Lachaise cemetery

The funeral parlour at Paris's iconic cemetery of Pere Lachaise.

(Bensliman Hassan/Dreamstime)

Jim Morrison grave Paris France

The grave of rock star Jim Morrison is a mecca for Doors devotees.

(Wiktor Wojtas/Dreamstime)

Pere-lachaise cemetery Paris France

Pere Lachaise cemetery is an unlikely, yet wildly popular, tourist draw.

(Pere-lachaise cemetery, Paris, France)

Food Les Deux Magots Paris France

Classic Parisian fare at Les Deux Magots.

(Courtesy BKP/Wikimedia Commons)

Les Deux Magots Paris France

A cheerful windowbox above Les Deux Magots.

(Courtesy Nico Paix/Wikimedia Commons)

Les Deux Magots Paris France

You can follow in the footsteps of Paris's artists and philosophers at Les Deux Magots.

(Courtesy roger.salz/Wikimedia Commons)

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