PHOTOS: 6 Charming & Affordable European Cities You Haven't Visited Yet

You'll get a warm welcome, find stylish steals, and enjoy food, wine, fashion, and culture that's second to none in these intimate European metropolises.

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Source Article: PHOTOS: 6 Charming & Affordable European Cities You Haven't Visited Yet

People having lunch at the Custard Factory

The popular Custard Factory in Birmingham, U.K.

(Angie Smith)

street in Birmingham

A winding Birmingham street perfect for strolling.

(Angie Smith)

A girl on the street in Birmingham

A Birmingham local, known affectionately as a "Brummie" in the U.K.

(Angie Smith)

A pie with the sides: traditional mash, garden peas and gravy

A traditional meat pie in Birmingham.

(Angie Smith)

Bull Ring Open Market

Birmingham's Bull Ring Open Market.

(Angie Smith)

A view of Martins Church in Birmingham.

A view of St. Martin's Church in Birmingham. 

(Angie Smith)

Chicken Balti, Tandoori Nan and the Mixed Grill at Al Fresh in Balti Triangle

Chicken Balti, Tandoori Nan and the Mixed Grill at Al Frash in Birmingham's Balti Triangle.

(Angie Smith)

chef of Al Fresh cooking Balti

The main chef of Birmingham's Al Frash cooking Balti in the kitchen.

(Angie Smith)

Selfridges Building in Birmingham.

The Selfridges Building in Birmingham.

(Angie Smith)

Street Fashion, Antwerp, Belgium

Street fashion Antwerp, Belgium.

(Angie Smith)

People enjoying the evening at a bar called de groote witte arend in Antwerp, Belgium

Low-key revelry at a beer garden in Antwerp.

(Angie Smith)

A woman in the central square, Antwerp

In the central square, Antwerp.

(Angie Smith)

 Reading in hotel M0851 in the common space/library/reading room

The reading room at an Antwerp hotel.

(Angie Smith)

Street Fashion, Antwerp. A woman in front of Het Steen, the midevil fortress in Antwerp.

A fashionable local in front of Antwerp's medieval fortress, Het Steen.

(Angie Smith)

View of Vila Nova de Gaia from Porto

View of Vila Nova de Gaia from Porto, Portugal.

(Ashok Sinha)

Tilework on Igrega dos Carmelitas

Unique tilework on Porto's Igrega dos Carmelitas

(Ashok Sinha)

Port wine tasting at Vinologia, Porto

A Port wine tasting at Vinologia, Porto.

(Ashok Sinha)

Vinologia, Porto

Vinologia, Porto, is a popular spot for Port tastings.

(Ashok Sinha)

Praca de Almeida Garrett in Porto, Portugal

Praca de Almeida Garrett in Porto.

(Ashok Sinha)

Cork products at Porto Signs

Unique cork-based products at Porto Signs.

(Ashok Sinha)

Casa de Musica in Porto, Portugal

Casa de Musica in Porto.

(Ashok Sinha)

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, Italy

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, Italy, is one of the world's first shopping malls, built in 1875.

(Piero Cruciatti/Dreamstime)

Milan Fashion Week Italy

Fashion Week in Milan.

(Bob Suir/Dreamstime)

Round tower from the interior of Sforzesco castle of Milan, Italy

An imposing tower of Sforzesco castle in Milan.

(Luca Marella/Dreamstime)

flower market Navigli in Milan, Italy

The annual flower market in the Navigli neighborhood of Milan.

(Adriano Castelli/Dreamstime)

Old Town, Split, Croatia in Dalmatia

The Old Town in Split, Croatia, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Men sell fish at Fish market in Split, Croatia

A fish market in Split.


Split, Diocletian Palace, Croatia

The ruins of Diocletian's Palace is one of Split's most noteworthy historical sites.


Park at Split, Croatia

One of Split's lovely parks.

(Nikolai Sorokin/Dreamstime)

Aerial view of Hamburg city hall

Aerial view of the Rathaus, or city hall, in Hamburg, Germany.


The old fish auction hall in Hamburg was built in 1894. Once a week the famous fischmarkt takes place here, a tourist attraction throughout Germany.

Hamburg's famous fischmarkt takes is a popular attraction.


bridge crossing canal in Hamburg, Germany

One of Hamburg's bridges, crossing a canal.


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