Villa Krupp

Guests sit on their room balconies and gaze over umbrella pines to the famous faraglioni sea stacks.

By Reid Bramblett, Tuesday, Jul 18, 2006, 3:53 PM

Villa Krupp

About this Hotel

Price From $180

The island of Capri, in the Tyrrhenian Sea, is a ritzy—and occasionally trashy—slice of la dolce vita.

On the south side of Capri town, amid the hills and winding paths of Giardini di Augusto park, is Villa Krupp, clinging to the subdued grandeur of an era when Russian intellectuals such as Lenin and Gorky were lodgers (before the villa became a hotel).

Owner Valentina Coppola carefully selects the local reproduction antiques and Florentine artisanal furnishings. Her 12 rooms are often booked by repeat guests who stay for a week or longer every summer.

While the rooms have air-conditioning and telephones, you won't find TVs. "Our clients come for quiet," sniffs Signora Coppola, though she has relented and installed a TV in the lounge, just in case.

Most guests prefer to sit on their room balconies, gaze over umbrella pines to the famous faraglioni sea stacks, and listen to the chirping cicadas and the water splashing against rocks far below. Standard rooms are on the ground floor, with views of more trees than sea.

The primo piano rooms upstairs offer better views from colorfully tiled terraces and slightly fancier digs: elaborately painted furnishings, wooden bed frames sculpted with birds, and mirror frames finished with gold leaf.

Closed November 1 to early April.