Must-Ask Questions

By Brad Tuttle, Tuesday, Oct 21, 2008, 12:00 AM

1. What's included in the bill? Linens? Wi-Fi?

2. What additional charges should I expect?

3. What exactly do you mean by "within walking distance," "pool access," or "kitchenette"?

4. Is the entire rental mine, or are renters on other parts of the property?

5. Has the house been childproofed? If yes, how?

6. When can I expect my deposit back?

7. What are the sleeping arrangements?

8. Is the price per unit or per guest? (Europeans may charge per guest.)

9. What appliances are in the kitchen? How many sets of dishes are there?

10. Where is the nearest park/playground/mall/hospital/drugstore?

11. Are pets allowed? (Even if you're pet-free, the place might smell like one.)

12. Is there A/C?

13. Can you send me more photos of the property?

14. How do I get the keys?

15. Who do I call when or if there's a problem?

You should peruse listings closely for facts and details, but also know how to read between the lines. Watch how we do it on this fake website.
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