How to Take Better Sunset Photos

By , Tuesday, Jan 22, 2008, 12:00 AM

Source Article: How to Take Better Sunset Photos

When the center of the frame is pointed at the tree line, the exposure created gives us some color, but not the richly saturated sky we're looking for. Overall, the sky lacks detail, and the image is a bit washed out. (photo: Adam Fernandez)

If you tilt the camera up and fill the frame with the sky, the camera's light meter will adjust and base the exposure on the sky. Tilt the camera, and then hold the shutter button down halfway. Continue to hold the button down halfway, and then recompose the image. (photo: Adam Fernandez)

Once you have recomposed the image, go ahead and depress the shutter completely. The resulting photograph will have much more color saturation and far greater detail in the clouds. (photo: Adam Fernandez)

These before and after photos reveal how changing the exposure and the composition makes a dramatic difference in a sunset's vibrancy. (photo: Adam Fernandez)