The New Dallas

By , Tuesday, Oct 19, 2010, 12:00 AM

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At Dallas's Belmont Hotel, in the Oak Cliff neighborhood, west of downtown. (Misty Keasler)

Tillman's Roadhouse, where the faux taxidermy heads are laser-cut from oak. (Misty Keasler)

Mark di Suvero's steel Eviva Amore (2001) at the Nasher. (Misty Keasler)

Jose "Taco Joe" Contreras, of the Taco Joint. (Misty Keasler)

A sampling of the nearly 200 varieties of pop at the Soda Gallery. (Misty Keasler)

Room 2, a junior suite at the retro-chic Belmont. (Misty Keasler)

Bows and Arrows, which runs classes in floral design. (Misty Keasler)

The patio at Park, with misting fans and a gravel bocce court. (Misty Keasler)

Wolfgang Puck's rotating Five Sixty restaurant atop the 560-foot-tall Reunion Tower. (Misty Keasler)