America's Greatest Food Cities

By , Tuesday, May 18, 2010, 12:00 AM

Source Article: America's Greatest Food Cities

New York City: David Chang on Doyers Street in Chinatown. (Michael Mohr)

New York City: Great N.Y. Noodletown. (Michael Mohr)

New York City: PDT, a great after-hours hangout. (Michael Mohr)

New York City: The Union Square Greenmarket. (Michael Mohr)

Boston: Barbara Lynch in Boston's South End. (Michael Piazza)

Boston: Cassoulet at Boston's Pigalle. (Michael Piazza)

Boston: Formaggio Kitchen. (Michael Piazza)

Los Angeles: Suzanne Goin receiving a delivery from Schaner Farms at her restaurant Tavern. (Eden Batki)

Los Angeles: Brunch at Canelé. (Eden Batki)

Los Angeles: Canelé. (Eden Batki)

Los Angeles: Palisades Park, Santa Monica. (Eden Batki)

Los Angeles: Apple Pan, an old-school diner. (Eden Batki)

San Francisco: Thad Vogler at the late-night standard Beretta. (Emily Nathan)

San Francisco: Pyung Chang Tofu House in nearby Oakland offers a taste of Korea. (Emily Nathan)

San Francisco: Cocktails at Beretta. (Emily Nathan)

San Francisco: San Francisco's Bay Bridge, seen from Red's Java House. (Emily Nathan)

Chicago: Grant Achatz at local butcher Gepperth's Meat Market. (Nathan Kirkman)

Chicago: Freshly baked pizzas at Great Lake. (Nathan Kirkman)

Chicago: A Chicago-style dog at Hot Doug's. (Nathan Kirkman)