My Marrakech Is Better Than Yours

By , Tuesday, Mar 18, 2008, 12:00 AM

Source Article: My Marrakech Is Better Than Yours

Maryam Montague blogged about the photo shoot for this story: "I chose the Jardin Majorelle for the portrait—it was a fun opportunity to stroll among the cacti with blow-dried hair. (Jason Lowe)

EAT The Crystal Restaurant Lounge, in the trendy Pacha complex, has artful food arrangements almost too pretty to eat. Make reservations for Friday or Saturday night to listen to jazz. (Jason Lowe)

EAT Crystal Restaurant Lounge. (Jason Lowe)

EAT At swanky Le Tanjia, a restaurant with rose-filled fountains, the Sunday brunch is excellent, as is the tender monkfish available at lunch or dinner. (Jason Lowe)

EAT Café du Livre, in Guéliz, has free Wi-Fi and a selection of English-language books for you to peruse while ordering coffee, lunch, or an early dinner. (Jason Lowe)

EAT The stylish Kosybar, on the place des Ferblantiers, has a mix of Moroccan and continental offerings, as well as inventive cocktails. By day, you can watch huge storks in their nests from the upstairs terrace. (Jason Lowe)

SHOP If you're interested in Moroccan carpets, Bazar Jouti, in the carpet souk, has a very nice selection. Offer a quarter of the price listed on the tag, and let the bargaining begin! (Jason Lowe)

SHOP Located in the Kasbah district, the Light Gallery has a reliably hip collection of art. (Jason Lowe)

SHOP Maison Rouge Décoration is a Belgian-run shop with streamlined North African designs. The linens and painted glass plates are pricey but worth a look. (Jason Lowe)

SHOP On Thursday and Sunday mornings, you'll find Bab el Kehmis market at the gate of the same name. Amid the broken clocks and TV remote controls are genuine treasures, such as vintage teapots and tea trays. (Jason Lowe)

SHOP Go to award-winning Zid Zid Kids, in the Daoudiate district, for embroidered animal-shaped pillows and other perfectly crafted children's stuff. (Jason Lowe)

PLAY Marrakech offers many opportunities for partying. Both Comptoir Darna and Palais Jad Mahal (above), two of the city's hippest hotspots, tap into the Moroccan fantasy theme, complete with belly dancers. (Jason Lowe)

PLAY If your idea of vacation is lounging by the pool with a cocktail in hand, La Plage Rouge, approximately five miles outside the city, is going to be your idea of heaven. (Jason Lowe)

PLAY The gardens around Koutoubia Mosque are a lovely (and free) place for an afternoon stroll. (Jason Lowe)

PLAY You can dance until dawn at the trendy Pacha, where the action doesn't begin until well after midnight. (Jason Lowe)

PLAY Anyone craving exotica should make a trip to Chez Ali. Although the show is a bit cheesy, the singing and dancing will give you a good feeling for traditional Moroccan culture, and the horsemanship is spectacular. (Jason Lowe)