Hotel Milarepa

Very private, the bungalows have windows that open to let in the warm breeze.

By By Ted Loos, Wednesday, Feb 1, 2006, 3:29 PM

Hotel Milarepa

About this Hotel

Price From $145

Each bungalow is filled with Balinese teak furniture, such as intricately carved armoires and antique four-poster beds. A

t night, guests are encouraged to open all the windows—and one wall of doors that lead to a private veranda—to let in the warm breezes.

In the morning, noise from howler monkeys in the trees may provide a comic wake-up call.

The bathrooms are private and semi-alfresco: The toilet and sink are under the roof's eaves, but the shower is open to the sky.

A seven-table restaurant looks out over the pool, past a well-trimmed lawn, and down to the beach where there's a bamboo massage hut ($55 for an hour).

The American chef, James Kelly, draws from Asian influences and makes great use of local seafood.