Reach Deep Into the Grab Bag

More ways to blow $100, from the silly to the sublime

By Adrien Glover, Laurie Kuntz, David LaHuta, and Erik Torkells, Tuesday, May 23, 2006, 12:18 PM

At Plate & Pitchfork's dinners outside Portland, Ore., tables are set right in farms' fields

(Courtesy Plate & Pitchfork)

Amsterdam: On a half-day, guided Wetlands Safari, paddle through villages built on land and water. Includes transportation from the city. 011-31/6-53-552-669, wetlandssafari.nl, $40.

Budapest: Rudas bathhouse is home to a 16th-century Turkish bath that has only recently opened to women. 011-361/356-1322, spasbudapest.com, from $9.

Cape Town: Imhoff Equestrian Centre leads horseback trips on Noordhoek Beach. 011-27/82-774-1191, horseriding.co.za, from $28.

Las Vegas: The gondola rides through the Venetian's canals are postmodern silliness at its finest. 702/414-1000, venetian.com, from $50.

Nashville: Two comedians lead a campy, 90-minute musical NashTrash tour of America's country music capital--on a big pink bus. 800/342-2132, nashtrash.com, $29.50.

New York City: Moscow Cats Theatre is a kind of small-scale circus where cats walk tightropes and perform other tricks. 212/239-6200, moscowcatstheatre.com, from $45.

Palm Springs: The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies is a dazzling revue featuring the sexiest senior citizens you will ever see. 760/327-0225, palmspringsfollies.com, from $39.

Paris: A company called 4 Roues Sous 1 Parapluie ("Four Wheels Under One Umbrella") leads themed city tours in vintage Citro├źn 2CVs. The guides speak English. 011-33/66-732-2668, 4roues-sous-1parapluie.com, from $61.

Portland: Plate & Pitchfork organizes summer dinners by top chefs on Oregon farmland. 503/241-0745, plateandpitchfork.com, from $85.

Rome: At Supperclub, you recline on white divans and are served a four-course meal by half-naked waiters. 011-39-06/6880-7207, supperclub.com, $67 prix fixe.

Sydney: The turret roof is now open at the Sydney Tower Skywalk--meaning you get fresh air with your 853-foot-high view. 011-61/2-9333-9200, skywalk.com.au, from $80.