PHOTOS: 10 Best Budget Vacations for Spring

Smart travelers know that there's no time like April and May to visit brag-worthy beaches and celebrated cities—for a fraction of what the crowds will be paying in summer! From the shores of the Atlantic to party towns like Vegas and NOLA, we've got stylish steals that'll make your spring vacation the best ever.

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Source Article: PHOTOS: 10 Best Budget Vacations for Spring

Myrtle Beach SC aerial

It's already warming up in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

(Courtesy Visit Myrtle Beach)

Myrtle Beach SC boardwalk

Myrtle Beach's boardwalk is relatively new, but feels as if it's been here forever.

(Shester171/Dreamstime )

Myrtle Beach South Carolina sunrise

Golf and beautiful vistas are just two of the attractions in Myrtle Beach.

(Courtesy woobiecat1/myBudgetTravel)

Colorful umbrellas Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Can't wait to hit the beach? Head down to South Carolina!

(Courtesy mjenka/myBudgetTravel)

View of the National Mall from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

The National Mall in Washington, DC, is not only a historical must-see—it's also free!

(Courtesy vicnaire/myBudgetTravel)

Washington DC National Mall Downtown

Washington is not only a cultural and historical mecca, but also a vibrant city in its own right, with great shops and a buzzy food scene.


Washington DC Capitol

You can spend an entire day touring the Capitol, where the Senate and House meet.

(Elena Yakusheva/Dreamstime)

The Dramatic Facade of the East Building of the US National Gallery of Art in Washington DC.

The National Gallery of Art offers a priceless collection—without an entrance fee!

(James Blinn/Dreamstime)

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Island

Punta Cana is a popular affordable destination in the Dominican Republic.

(Alicia Dauksis/Dreamstime)

Dominican Republic

All-inclusive resorts make the indulgent Dominican Republic experience surprisingly budget-friendly.

(Lars Christensen/Dreamstime)


The Dominican Republic's beaches may bring out the kid in you.

(Paulo Rainho/Dreamstime)

	La Punta Apartments Pool

Just one of the Dominican Republic's many alluring pools.

(Courtesy La Punta Apartments)

Boardwalks at Jenkinsons Point Pleasant New Jersey

The boardwalk in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, opens on weekends in April, but the crowds and prices are nowhere near their summer highs.



The beaches of Point Pleasant are inviting even on still-chilly spring days.

(Stephen Bonk/Dreamstime)

Jenkinsons Point Pleasant NewJersey Boardwalk

For an old-timey boardwalk experience, the rides and games at Point Pleasant can't be beat.



Point Pleasant is a popular spot for beach volleyball, including major tournaments.


French Quarter New Orleans

The architecture in New Orleans's French Quarter is distinctive and unforgettable.

(Courtesy Alaskan Dude/Flickr)


New Orleans hotels are as friendly and welcoming as the city's inhabitants.

(Courtesy Maison St. Charles Inn and Suites)

St. Louis Cathedral

New Orleans's iconic St. Louis Cathedral is one of the historical sites you must experience.

(Lawrence Weslowski Jr /

New Orleans riverwalk sunset

A sunset stroll along the river may be the higlight of your New Orleans visit.

(Lawrence Weslowski Jr/Dreamstime)

A beautiful view of the Sanibel Island in Florida

Of all the things you can do on Sanibel Island, Florida, the best of all may be… nothing!


Sanibel Causeway And Bridge in Southwest Florida

Sanibel Island's bridge is deceptively modern and bustling—but this hideaway is really as close as you may come to your own private island.


Historic lighthouse on Sanibel Island, South Florida

Lighthouse lovers will want to take a gander at Sanibel's iconic sentinel.


Two red beach chairs Sanibel Island Florida

Ready for your warm beach getaway?


Great Smoky Mountains

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most-visited in the U.S. park service.

(Courtesy daveantphoto/myBudgetTravel)

Smoky Mountains Bears

If you're lucky enough to spot a bear cub at Great Smoky Mountains National Park, keep your distance—they are way cuter from afar!

(NPS Photos)

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The food, culture, and music of Tennessee are alive in the Great Smoky Mountains region.

(Courtesy paulhurd/myBudgetTravel)

Great Smoky Mountains

If you enjoy the Great Smoky Mountains in spring, come back for the fall foliage!

(Courtesy smv/myBudgetTravel)


Montreal is an old-world city right in North America!



Spring afternoons are perfect for soaking up rays in friendly Montreal.

(Martine Oger/Dreamstime )


Montreal is home to McGill University.

(Martine Oger/Dreamstime )


St. Paul Street in Old Montreal may make you feel as if you've been transported across the Atlantic.

(Mario Beauregard/Dreamstime)


Rockport, Massachusetts's inner harbor is an evocative New England scene on Cape Ann.

(Bambi L. Dingman/Dreamstime)


A state park on Cape Ann, at the site of a former quarry.

(Jorge Salcedo/Dreamstime)


The famous gazebo on the Front Beach in Rockport, Massachusetts.



Boats are anchored in a harbor of a classic New England fishing village—and, yes, that's a lobster shack in the background.


Las Vegas Strip at night

It doesn't get louder, faster, or more fun than Las Vegas's Strip at night!

(Sergey Rogovets/Dreamstime)

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas is home not only to slots, cards, and dice, but also to faux European landmarks!


Eivis impersonator with a fan in Las Vegas.

Long live the King!

(Courtesy Caitlyn Willows/Flickr)

A view of the Venus Pool Club at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada

Ready to dive into the Venus Pool Club at Las Vegas's Caesars Palace?

(Courtesy Caesars Palace)

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