What $100 Buys In… Tegucigalpa

By , Tuesday, Aug 19, 2008, 12:00 AM

Source Article: What $100 Buys In… Tegucigalpa

$3 Rooster bank The rooster is a national mascot. This one does double duty as a piggy bank. Arte Honduras, Tercera Ave. República de Chile, 011-504/220-5077. (Levi Brown)

$8 Necklace The pendants sold at Angels Store Souvenirs are replicas of carvings found at Mayan ruins in Copán. The bat glyph represents the fourth month in the Mayan calendar. Segunda Calle and Segunda Ave., 011-504/221-3584. (Levi Brown)

$24 Vase Pottery made by the Lencan people in Honduras's highlands is dusted with 24K gold. Acta de Honduras, Calle Privada, 011-504/231-1242. (Levi Brown)

$22 Cigar case Top-notch cigars deserve to be taken out on the town in a high-quality case. Bahia stocks leather holders that can store enough stogies for a few friends. Blvd. Juan Pablo II, 011-504/235-6949. (Levi Brown)

$15 Pillow Mosquito Coast artisans are turning tuno, a rough bark cloth that's beaten soft, into upscale home decor. In Vitro, Ave. República de Panamá, 011-504/238-3452. (Levi Brown)

$20 Prints The city's former general hospital is now the National Identity Museum, which sells canisters of sepia-tone photos that tell the history of the city. Calle El Telégrafo and Ave. Miguel Paz Barahona, 011-504/238-7412. (Levi Brown)

$7 Cigar Connoisseurs consider Honduran cigars to be among the world's finest. The company that makes this smooth Cienfuego is run by Cuban expats. Casa de Puros, Blvd. Juan Pablo II, 011-504/239-2103. (Levi Brown)