45 Best Mother-Daughter Getaways

If you could take a mother-daughter getaway anywhere in the world, where would it be? We posed this question to our audience, and their answers, as always, made us smile. BT presents 45 vacation ideas for the ultimate girlfriend getaway.

By Kaeli Conforti, Wednesday, Apr 29, 2015, 12:00 PM

Source Article: 45 Best Mother-Daughter Getaways

Highclere Castle in England

"Taking my mom to London, Paris, and Brussels in August for her 70th bday! Having tea at Downton Abbey (Highclere Castle) on her birthday, seeing the flower carpet in Brussels, and visiting Versailles and Giverny in Paris as she loves flowers and historic homes." —Kimberly Brandt

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Vernazza and the Cinque Terre

"Traditional afternoon tea in London, shopping spree in Paris, truffle hunting in Cinque Terre, and tapas in La Latina neighborhood in Madrid!" —Leica Sunarja

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Delicate Arch in Arches National Park

"My father passed away in January 2014 after suffering from Alzheimer's for mrore than 10 years. I would take her all around the USA because that is what she has always wanted to do. I would give ideas, but would take my cues from her. This would mean so much to me to be able to do this for her." —Trisha Andrus

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The canals of Amsterdam

"I would take one of my daughters to Amsterdam to visit the Anne Frank Museum because she is an English teacher and teaches the diary and I'd take my other daughter to The Louvre to see all the art work she's studied. I'd want them to take me to Ireland just because." —maryealbert, Instagram

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Beach scene from Greece

"To Greece, the setting of the Mamma Mia movie! Surely we will sing 'Slipping through my fingers all the time...'" —Debbie Widjaja

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Elephants crossing the road during an African safari in Kenya

"My dream trip with my two girls would be an African Safari. My oldest loves primates and lions, while my youngest and me want to see the elephants and giraffes." —yoga_scorpio, Instagram


Machu Picchu in Peru

"Peru, and make sure to hike Machu Picchu with Mom! It's always been her dream." —@parneezybz

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Paris Metro

"My daughter is 11. She loves fashion I would take her to Paris to expose her to one of the fashion capitals of the world. We'd also make a pit stop at Disneyland to celebrate being a kid again." —Denshai Lee

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Camels and Pyramids in Egypt

"Egypt because we both are ancient history nerds!" —shdaisy16, Instagram

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Huge Ice chunks at Jokulsarlon Lagoon, Iceland

"I want to visit Iceland with my mom! Show her a totally new and different culture, and spend some time outdoors with her!" —katkatravels, Instagram

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The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany

"My mom and I are traveling to Germany this summer: Berlin, Cologne, and Dusseldorf. We haven't traveled together since 2001, when we went to Paris." —katiekins, Instagram

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The view from Airport Mesa, overlooking the city’s signature red rock formations, including Coffee Pot Rock

"My mom and I will visit Sedona she loves the desert." —ratcliff_g, Instagram

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Rocks in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

"Heading to Cabo with my mom and sister next spring. Would love to travel to Norway, Germany and England to explore where our ancestors once tread." —mommygee3, Instagram

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Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian, China

"I would go to China to see the Terra Cotta Warriors—beauty, adventure, and history." —@cybrandt

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Sydney Opera House in Australia

"New South Wales, Australia! We would take a winery tour, learn to surf at Bondi Beach, and visit the Sydney Opera House." —@holly_asbach

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"I want to take my mom and sister to London because neither have been to Europe. Plus my mom is the same age as The Queen and my sister is a breast cancer survivor!" —Terri Jackson

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Edinburgh, Scotland

"I would bring my Mom back to Scotland to tour Edinburgh, where her mom was from!" —@kelseynorten

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Beautiful Oregon coastline

"A drive up the California, Oregon, and Washington Coasts. We would stay at B&Bs and shop along the way. A nice cruise into Canada as well." —Tiffany Blaeholder

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The Cotswolds in the English countryside

"My mom loves gardening and it would be now to go on a tour to see some of the beautiful country gardens in the English countryside. Or, a similar trip but through Tuscany!" —etrucks, Instagram

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Rock of Cashel in Ireland

"I would have taken my Mom to Ireland and Scotland, to see the beautiful countryside of her heritage. Sadly, she's been gone 19+ years now. I plan on taking the trip in her memory and honor one day." —Karen Elwert Dennis

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Les Deux Magots cafe in Paris France

"I would go to France and do a food tour of Paris and the countryside. My mom loves French food." —Toni Dolphin

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Lighthouse on Prince Edward Island in Nova Scotia, Canada

"Prince Edward Island. We are both big fans of Anne of Green Gables. That would be a wonderful trip. She and my son are my favorite travel partners!" —Ami Kamara

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Antigua, Guatemala

"I would love to take my mother to Antigua, Guatemala. The city is only a three hour flight from the states, its a UNESCO World Heritage site, the cobblestone streets are full of history, the restaurants are amazing, and the local artisan markets are not to be missed!" —Kelly Campbell

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A beautiful beach in Turks and Caicos, Caribbean.

"My mom is 83 now. She would live to go somewhere warm where she could soak her body. I'm thinking Turks and Caicos, full of beauty and calm waters." —Doreen Gallien

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Amsterdam River

"Amsterdam. My mom would love to go there. Her cousin has done an extensive genealogy history of their family there and I'd love to take her and the book and see our past!" —Ann Shoup


The Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, Israel

"We would go to Jerusalem. My mother is a devout Catholic. She would love to see Bethlehem, Gethsemane, and other significant places in Jesus' life." —Donna Rojas-Amper

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Mt. Vesuvius and the Port of Naples

"I would love to turn back time to before my Mom passed away and take a trip to Italy with her so she could see her birthplace again and family that remained in Naples. Once she came to America, she was never able to go back. Take the trip and enjoy each other's company." —Joanna Lopez

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Pragues Charles Bridge under a cloudy sky.

"I'd love to go to Prague with my mom. We could check out our Bohemian roots and walk around absorbing history, culture, and beauty." —April Whittemore

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Las Vegas Strip lit up at night

"My daughter and I went to Las Vegas last year for Jimmy Buffett concert and all the other fun it has to offer, especially all the free stuff!" —Anne Lafleur Gillis

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Chapel Bridge in Lucerne, Switzerland.

"47 years ago, my mother and I went alone to London, Lucerne, Rome, Florence, Salzburg, and Vienna. My grandmother was from Austria, so our visit was there truly special. We did a lot of sightseeing and shopping. I think the most fun was watching my mother enjoy the foreign food, especially fondue is Lucerne." —Carol Fink

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The unique landscape of Cappadocia, Turkey

"I would love to take my daughter to Turkey to see and experience the charm and wonders of a new and ancient country. So much history and so many legends to be savored, such varied cultural differences, and amazing natural wonders." —Norma Martin

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Sunset from Uluru in beautiful Australia

"Many years ago my daughter spent a month in Australia with International Sports for Youth Understanding. She lived and swam with teams her age, and lived with local families. We'd love to go back and cross Australia so she could share those days with me." —K. Jane Jaskowski

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Grand Canyon

"Neither my mother nor myself have seen the Grand Canyon. We would fly to Vegas and tour the area by car." —Amy L. Driver

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The historic Old Town Square in Warsaw, Poland.

"It is a dream of mine to take my daughter to Poland to visit the town our ancestors came from and specifically the birthplace of my daughter's great-great grandmother who she is named after." —Marya Wysocki Johnson

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Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

"Barcelona. We would stroll the Ramblas, explore the Gothic alleyways, get lost. After tapas, pull the blackout shades, and siesta, then be up again at 10 p.m. for a night out. Next day, visit the modern Gaudi Cathedral and apartments. Repeat as often as there is time." —Laura Sommer

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Galway City in Ireland

"Ireland with my daughter would be a dream come true! We'd explore the countryside, stay at B&Bs, ride, and visit pubs together. We have been through some rough periods, and now that she is grown and trying to make it on her own, we have grown so much closer and enjoy doing things together." —Rhonda Michelle Wilson

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Versailles, France

"I'd take them to Paris. We'd hit the restaurants for the foodie; the buildings and catacombs for the architect; and the Louvre for all three of us art lovers (with a side trip to Versailles for me). Alternatives that would also work for all of us include Barcelona and Florence." —Pat French




Cherry blossom trees in Omihachiman, Japan

"Last spring, my mum and I went to the Kansai region of Japan to see the cherry blossoms." —Andrea Williams

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A typical day in Times Square, New York City

"New York City with theater tickets every night and interesting restaurants every day. Throw in some shopping and sightseeing and we're all good." —Pat Luebbe Morton

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Mombasa, Kenya

"I'd love to take my daughter on a safari in Kenya and to then to Mombasa for the beach!" —Paula Musciotto

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Dumbledores Office, as seen on the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

"I would take my young teen to London so we could visit the various Harry Potter sites before she's too old to remember how wonderful it was reading the books together but while she's still young enough to believe in the possibility of fantasy." —Denise Dragert Stanfa

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Wildlife in the Galápagos Islands

"It has always been my Mum's dream to cruise around the Galápagos Islands, snorkel amongst the sea life and see all the amazing creatures that live on the islands. I would take her there because she's too scared to follow her dreams unless someone pushes her to (and goes with her)." —Catharina Stam

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Nashville city skyline

"Nashville, Tennessee, because of our love for country music." —ami4ny, Instagram

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Valencia, Spain

"My mother is 85, in good health, and loves to travel. She has been to Spain and would love to visit the Costa Del Sol and Valencia and show me all the beautiful sites." —Elaine Poole

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Salzburg, Austria

"My mom and I are traveling through Munich, Salzburg, Vienna and Prague together in June. It will be our 4th international adventure together! And I would have it any other way!" —ifly4thehigh, Instagram

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