World's Weirdest Hotels, Part Deux

By , Thursday, Aug 13, 2009, 9:04 AM

Source Article: World's Weirdest Hotels, Part Deux

At Berlin's Propeller Island City Lodge, each of the 30 rooms is weird in its own way. This one was designed to look like a brightly painted medieval town, with an ultra-mini golf course surrounding the castle bed. (Courtesy Lars Stroschen)

This circus-like room at Propeller Island City Lodge has lion cages on stilts; the website claims that kids "love to sleep" in them. (Courtesy Lars Stroschen)

Propeller Island City Lodge's owner, Lars Stroschen, is an artist, and he designed all the rooms, including this one covered with wacky symbols. (Courtesy Lars Stroschen)

The Upside Down Room at Propeller Island City Lodge makes guests feel as if they were walking on the ceiling. Compartments open up to reveal the beds and seating. (Courtesy Lars Stroschen)

The four enormous casks on the grounds of the Hotel de Vrouwe Van Stavoren in the Netherlands once held the equivalent of 19,333 bottles of wine. (Courtesy Paul Rekker)

The richly worn and airtight oak barrels at the Hotel de Vrouwe Van Stavoren have two narrow beds, with a small sitting area outside. (Courtesy Paul Rekker)

The daughter of Ho Chi Minh's number two masterminded the Hang Nga Guest House and Art Gallery, a complex that more than earns its local nickname, the Crazy House. (Courtesy upyernoz/Flickr)

Each of the trippy guest rooms at Crazy House is built around a different animal theme. (Courtesy A_of_DooM/Flickr)

Jules' Undersea Lodge, a former marine lab, is 21 feet underwater, close to the bottom of the mangrove-filled Emerald Lagoon, in Key Largo. You'll have to know how to scuba dive to reach your room. (Courtesy Jules\' Undersea Lodge)

A refurbished 1965 Boeing 727 airframe—which looks as if it crashed into the Costa Rican jungle—is now part of the Hotel Costa Verde. (Courtesy Vincent Costello)

The rows of tiny windows within the master bedroom suite at the Hotel Costa Verde are a reminder of the hotel's past life as a plane in the service of South African Airways and Avianca Airlines. (Courtesy Vincent Costello)

The entrance to the Hotel Costa Verde's two-bedroom suite sits on one of the wings of the salvaged 727. (Courtesy Vincent Costello)

The '70s-era escape pods that make up the traveling Capsule Hotel once hung outside oil rigs, ready to be deployed in case of an evacuation. (Courtesy Denis Oudendijk)

One of the Capsule Hotel's pods shown stationed in France. (Courtesy Denis Oudendijk)

The Exploranter Overland Hotel traveling through the dramatic mountains of Brazil. (Courtesy the Exploranter Overland Hotel)

Exploranter Overland Hotel tows a trailer with beds that sleep up to 24 passengers. (Courtesy the Exploranter Overland Hotel)

Sunbathing through the open roof of the Exploranter Overland Hotel, a converted 25-ton truck that travels the back roads of Brazil. (Courtesy the Exploranter Overland Hotel)

The sleek Grand Daddy hotel in Cape Town has a surprise on its roof: a fleet of seven Airstream trailers. (Courtesy the Grand Daddy)

The Grand Daddy hotel's aluminum-clad "rooms," which sleep two people, have been done in playful themes. One is dedicated to John Lennon and Yoko Ono. (Courtesy the Grand Daddy)

The interior of this Airstream trailer at the Grand Daddy has been decorated with a "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" motif—complete with a blonde wig available for dress-up. (Courtesy the Grand Daddy)