Dream Trips: Float Over Cappadocia

By , Tuesday, Feb 24, 2009, 12:00 AM

Source Article: Dream Trips: Float Over Cappadocia

Raymond Patrick shot our cover in Cappadocia, Turkey, from a hot-air balloon. "I've always been scared to ride in balloons," he says. "But once you're up there, it's very quiet and calm. And to do it in Cappadocia, where you actually float down into the canyons and see all these caves—it's really astounding. (Raymond Patrick)

Naturally formed fairy chimneys. (Raymond Patrick)

Prime seats at restaurant Aravan Evi overlook the village of Ayvali. (Raymond Patrick)

The tandir oven at Aravan Evi. (Raymond Patrick)

An eggplant stew at Aravan Evi. (Raymond Patrick)

A balloon brushes past pigeon roosts and centuries-old dwellings in White Valley. (Raymond Patrick)

A café carved into a spire in the town of Göreme. (Raymond Patrick)

A Göreme local. (Raymond Patrick)

Turkish coffee. (Raymond Patrick)

A carved ledge at Ziggy's Shoppe & Café. (Raymond Patrick)

Ziggy's café. (Raymond Patrick)

Serinn House's door knocker. (Raymond Patrick)

A guest room at Serinn House. (Raymond Patrick)

Arches at a cave church near the village of Soganli. (Raymond Patrick)

Exploring the caves and churches near Soganli. (Raymond Patrick)

Soganli knitters. (Raymond Patrick)

Guide Mehmet Güngör. (Raymond Patrick)

Old Greek House. (Raymond Patrick)

Kelebek Pension. (Raymond Patrick)

The Church of Constantine-Elene's painted façade in Mustafapasa. (Raymond Patrick)