Walking in L.A.: Art Tours

By , Monday, Nov 5, 2007, 1:48 PM

Source Article: Walking in L.A.: Art Tours

Hollywood/Highland Station. Underground Girl. By Sheila Klein, in collaboration with Dworsky Associates (courtesy Metro ©2007 LACMTA)

Union Station. City of Dreams, River of History. By Richard Wyatt, in collaboration with May Sun (courtesy Metro ©2007 LACMTA)

Hollywood/Vine Station. Hooray for Hollywood. By Gilbert "Magu" Lujan, in collaboration with Miralles Associates Inc. (courtesy Metro ©2007 LACMTA)

Norwalk Station. Suka: Place of Bees. By Meg Cranston (courtesy Metro ©2007 LACMTA)

Southwest Museum Station. Highland Park Gateway. By Teddy Sandoval with Paul Polubinskas (courtesy Metro ©2007 LACMTA)

El Segundo Station. For Your Intellectual Entertainment. By Daniel Martinez (courtesy Metro ©2007 LACMTA)

Venice, as seen through the eyes of artist Sarajo Frieden (courtesy Metro ©2007 LACMTA)

Lincoln/Cypress Station. Water Street: River of Dreams. By Cheri Gaulke (courtesy Metro ©2007 LACMTA)

Civic Center Station. I Dreamed I Could Fly. By Jonathan Borofsky (courtesy Metro ©2007 LACMTA)

De Soto Station. Image from Dogs Chasing My Car in the Desert. By John Divola (courtesy Metro ©2007 LACMTA)

Vermont/Santa Monica Station. Kinetic Flow. By George Legrady (courtesy Metro ©2007 LACMTA)