Road Trip: National Parks (Minus the Crowds)

By , Tuesday, Jun 23, 2009, 12:00 AM

Source Article: Road Trip: National Parks (Minus the Crowds)

Paradise meadow, where hikers set out for Mount Rainier. (Justin Bailie/Aurora Photos)

Olympic National Park, near Seattle. (Marc Muench)

Walking the Hoh River Valley in Olympic National Park. (Georgette Douwma/Getty)

Utah's South Window Arch. (Tara Donne)

The Navajo Loop, one of a dozen trails in Bryce Canyon. (Christian Heeb/laif/Redux)

Zion's road less traveled, Kolob Terrace, leads to Lava Point. (Morgan & Owens)

Hundreds of native tree species blanket the Great Smoky Mountains. (Tara Donne)

The state line splits Great Smoky Mountains park. (Tara Donne)

Acadia's 40 miles of shoreline offer abundant tidepooling. (Paul Rezendes)

Spruce forests meet cobblestoned beaches on Isle au Haut. (Paul Rezendes)