Rediscovering Arizona

By , Tuesday, Jan 19, 2010, 12:00 AM

Source Article: Rediscovering Arizona

Arizona's Callaghan Vineyards, along Elgin Road in the southwestern town of Elgin. (Michael Mohr)

Locals congregate at this coffee shop in Patagonia. (Michael Mohr)

Innkeeper Nancy McCoy at Patagonia's Duquesne House. (Michael Mohr)

The entryway at Duquesne House, a historic B&B in Patagonia that was once a boardinghouse for silver miners. (Michael Mohr)

Rabbit ear cacti on the grounds of Hacienda Corona de Guevavi, a B&B in a 1938 Nogales estate. (Michael Mohr)

The courtyard pool at Hacienda Corona de Guevavi. (Michael Mohr)

The Hacienda's reading room. (Michael Mohr)

The living room at the Hacienda. (Michael Mohr)

The Hacienda features a loggia and a walled garden that was lushly replanted when current owners Wendy and Phil Stover took over. (Michael Mohr)

A bedroom at Casita Cressey, once the foreman's house, on the grounds of the Hacienda Corona de Guevavi, a ranch that's been converted into a B&B. (Michael Mohr)

The dining room at Canela Bistro in Sonoita opens to the courtyard via French doors. (Michael Mohr)

Roasted quail at Canela Bistro. (Michael Mohr)

Metal installation art outside Lee Blackwell Studio in Tubac. (Michael Mohr)

Mole with a side of plantains, tacos de papa, and chips and salsa at Elvira's, a new Mexican restaurant in Tubac. (Michael Mohr)

The bright, multicolored interior of Elvira's, which is hung with more than 1,400 glass teardrop pendants. (Michael Mohr)

The scenery along Highway 82, on the way into Sonoita. (Michael Mohr)

The Sonoita Vineyards picnic area. (Michael Mohr)

Live entertainment at The Steak Out in Sonoita, a cowboy standby and a meat lover's dream. (Michael Mohr)

Manager and farmer Joan Mueller at Canelo Hills Vineyard & Winery. (Michael Mohr)

Visitors enjoy a tasting at Canelo Hills winery, one of several that have sprung up in the burgeoning wine region of Sonoita and Elgin. (Michael Mohr)