Casa Zen

Free spirits tend to find common ground at Casa Zen.

By Ted Loos, Thursday, Feb 9, 2006, 12:00 AM

Casa Zen

About this Hotel

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Experienced surfers, backpacking young couples, and hip parents unafraid to travel with their babies—these are the kinds of free spirits that tend to find common ground at Casa Zen.

There are nine rooms with one or two beds, and three dorm rooms. Even the six shared bathrooms could be considered part of Casa Zen's communal ethos.

All rooms are spare but inviting, with batik-print bedspreads and tangerine, ochre, and yellow color schemes.

But guests usually hang out either in the hotel's Thai restaurant or in the "rancho," a circular outdoor pavilion decked out with primary-color pillows and comfortable banquettes. It has games, toys, and books for guests, and hosts movie nights on Thursdays and Sundays.