Samode Bagh

A twist on the heritage hotel experience, this 19th-century garden estate puts up guests in luxurious tents.

By Diane Vadino, Monday, Sep 21, 2009, 2:59 PM

Samode Bagh

About this Hotel

Price From $184

Samode Bagh presents a twist on the heritage hotel experience: Guests at this 19th-century garden estate stay in one of 44 tents. But they aren't roughing it. Each unit is fully powered and air-conditioned, with private bathrooms. Gold-flecked muslin draped from the ceiling and intricately patterned wall coverings echo similarly rich interiors at the hotel's sister properties, the nearby Samode Palace and Samode Haveli. Samode Bagh is the most relaxed and affordable of the three and is surrounded by 20 acres of Mughal-style gardens bursting with bougainvillea, roses, and jasmine.

Free Wi-Fi? Yes.

Credit Cards Accepted AmEx, MC, Visa.

Details Single-occupancy tents from $162, doubles from $184, includes breakfast.