Le Moulin de la Beune

The old stone building is a vine-covered, 17th-century mill with simple rooms.

By By Margie Rynn, Thursday, May 1, 2008, 3:04 PM

Le Moulin de la Beune

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Price From $90

The small, family-run hotel has a lot of charm thanks to co-owner Annick Soulié, who believes that her job is "to make people happy."

The old stone building is a vine-covered, 17th-century mill. The rooms are simple, but the nice draperies give them a little personality.

If your room faces the stream, you'll be treated to the sound of water rushing by, which would be idyllic if it weren't for the traffic on the road during high season (it calms down after 7 p.m.).

With what you've saved on your room, you can treat yourself to a meal at the acclaimed restaurant, Au Vieux Moulin; the chef is Annick's husband, Georges Soulié.

Be careful not to fall into the stream after you indulge in a few glasses of Bergerac. Half pension is from $212 for two people; dinner from $47.

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