L.A.'s New Cocktail Scene

By , Monday, Jul 12, 2010, 7:45 AM

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One of L.A.'s most-talked-about night spots, Bar Centro whips up concoctions so complex they're likely only offered at a handful of places around the globe. (James Merrell)

The quirky, lavish interior of Bar Centro at the SLS Hotel. (James Merrell)

Bar Centro specializes in liquid-nitrogen cocktails and other innovative drinks like this "magic" mojito strained through cotton candy. (James Merrell)

The exterior of the SLS Hotel, which houses Bar Centro, on South La Cienega Boulevard in L.A.'s Mid-City West neighborhood. (James Merrell)

Hotelier André Balazs knows how to manufacture a scene, and the environment at Bar Marmont, one door down from its namesake, Chateau Marmont, is no different. (Nikolas Koenig)

As a secluded rendezvous point on the Sunset Strip for tabloid fixtures and those whose job it is to keep them famous, Bar Marmont is prime turf for people-watching. (Nikolas Koenig)

The Disco Mariachi cocktail at Las Perlas, a bar named for the bubbles that form when high-quality mezcal is shaken (the more perlas, or pearls, the better). (Francisco Arcaute)

The interior of Las Perlas, outfitted with a pool table, a jukebox, and enormous 100-year-old Oaxacan mezcal bottles. (Francisco Arcaute)

Las Perlas' 40 Rabbits cocktail, garnished with raspberries. (Francisco Arcaute)

The landmark 1923 Millennium Biltmore Hotel, which houses Gallery Bar, has appeared in many films, but it remains most notorious for being the last reported location the Black Dahlia was seen alive. (Courtesy Gallery Bar)

The painted Renaissance-esque ceiling and chandeliers lend an element of Old Hollywood to Gallery Bar. (Courtesy Gallery Bar)

A selection of vintage cognac bottles at Gallery Bar, a fine place to meet for a well-crafted cocktail, minus the see-and-be-seen crowd. (Courtesy Gallery Bar)

With just a few seats at the bar, most patrons of the Varnish are relegated to about a dozen vintage booths salvaged from a graveyard of old trolley cars in New Orleans. (Trujillo Paumier)

The Varnish serves plenty of classics, garnished with perfectly oversize ice cubes. (Trujillo Paumier)

The Old Cuban cocktail at the Tar Pit. (Matt Armendariz)

The latest installment from big-time L.A. restaurateur Mark Peel, the Tar Pit takes its inspiration from the art deco age. (Matt Armendariz)

The Roger Room's Spiced Mule cocktail, an import from Paris that pairs Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum and ginger juice with lime juice, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, and club soda. (Courtesy The Roger Room)

The Roger Room, a popular celebrity hangout, is tricked out with rust-colored mohair booths and murals of carnival performers. (Courtesy The Roger Room)