New Monte Rosa Hut SAC

A new Alpine hikers' lodge combines forward-thinking design and eco-friendly technology.

By Danielle Lipp, Tuesday, Aug 24, 2010, 12:00 AM

New Monte Rosa Hut SAC

About this Hotel

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With its shimmering aluminum sheath and asymmetric polygonal shape, the year-old New Monte Rosa Hut SAC looks more like a giant hunk of quartz than a traditional Alpine lodge. In fact, the six-story, solar-powered structure built in the shadow of the Matterhorn has even been nicknamed Bergkristall (mountain crystal). Inside, however, the vibe is significantly more rustic—albeit with some twists. All the beech beams in the 120-seat dining room have been digitally carved for a cheeky faux wood-grain effect. There are no private rooms, just 18 simple dormitories with four to eight bunks, each with shared bathrooms and accessed by a windowed staircase. The coolest thing about the hut? You don't have to be a hard-core climber to reach it. Plenty of casual hikers have made the 2.5-hour trek from the Rotenboden station, an easy half-hour train ride from Zermatt.