Trip Recoleta Hostel

A hostel for money-conscious travelers with a clear view of the famous Recoleta Cemetary (where Evita is buried).

By Cintra Scott, Thursday, Dec 18, 2008, 4:15 PM

Trip Recoleta Hostel

About this Hotel

Price From $14

'Hood Recoleta, a tourism hotbed. The hostel is on the same block as a Hard Rock Café. The famous Recoleta Cemetery (where Evita is buried) is across the street. You can't stay any closer without dying.

First Impression Feel like roughing it in a 1920s cabaret/bordello overlooking a cemetery that's crammed with Gothic mausoleums? If not, read no further. But money-conscious Goths and their admirers will be delighted. From the lounge deck you'll see cupolas, columns, angels, crosses, and stained glass in the walled city of the dead across the way.

Rooms Plain, clean, bright, Trip Recoleta offers four dorm rooms equipped with five to seven beds and two additional rooms that are singles or doubles, depending on the day. Families or groups of friends could take over a dorm room with a bit of negotiating with the owner.

Plus Nearby high-end hotels Alvear and Park Hyatt provide mid-afternoon tea with decadent pastries served in sumptuously formal settings, for about $25.

Minus It's a hostel with shared bathrooms. The noise-averse and couples over the age of, say, 30 will want to stay away.

Free Wi-Fi? Yes, in all rooms and public areas.

Credit Cards Accepted AmEx, MC, Visa.

Details Single bed in a dorm room from $14, including taxes, discounts for staying multiple nights.

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