Davenport Roadhouse

High ceilings, oversize windows, and ocean views characterize this hotel on the Pacific Coast.

By By Laura MacNeil, Tuesday, Apr 1, 2008, 2:09 PM

Davenport Roadhouse

About this Hotel

Price From $120

The former whaling town of Davenport isn't much more than a tiny row of buildings right on Highway 1, the two-lane road that winds along the California coast.

One of those buildings is the Davenport Roadhouse.

Originally a general store, the Roadhouse had evolved into a restaurant and B&B by the time Renée Kwan, a real-estate asset manager, noticed it as she was searching for good waves to surf.

She now oversees the place with managers Jesse Katz, Jeff Hansen, and Robin Sirakides, CFO of Newman's Own Organics.

The eight guest rooms in the main house have high ceilings and oversize windows, and they share one large balcony with ocean views.

Next to the kitchen garden is a former bathhouse with four more rooms, each with photos of the property and the town from the early 1900s.

The restaurant uses local, organic ingredients in its salads and thin-crust pizzas, and for dessert there are gigantic slices of ice cream cake.

To create a sense of community, the owners showcase folk singers and bluegrass bands in the restaurant and host rotating art exhibits.

Rate includes breakfast.