The Mellow Dominican Republic

By , Tuesday, Jan 22, 2008, 12:00 AM

Source Article: The Mellow Dominican Republic

The beach in front of Natura Cabañas is small, but you can stroll two minutes in either direction and have vast stretches entirely to yourself. (photo: John Kernick)

At Natura Cabañas, an open-air yoga studio overlooks the beach, near a complex of spa-treatment rooms and an area for beachside massages. (photo: John Kernick)

The restaurant at Natura Cabañas serves dishes such as sesame-crusted dorado and octopus-and-mint salad. (photo: John Kernick)

Cabaña Coral, like each of the 11 thatch-roofed bungalows at Natura Cabañas, is unique. (photo: John Kernick)

Entrepreneur and former pro kiteboarder Marcus Bohm—pictured with Tiger—runs an array of ventures, including a surf school (321 Takeoff), a sailboard-repair shop, and an international water-sports competition. (photo: John Kernick)

Christian and Gabi have been able to mix business with pleasure as instructors at 321 Takeoff surf school. (photo: John Kernick)

Restaurants line the beach in Cabarete, a ramshackle town with a sizeable young expat community and backpacking adrenaline junkies who share the beach with families and couples. (photo: John Kernick)

Lax is a European-style lounge with a hip, good-looking crowd, like this group of Norwegian tourists. (photo: John Kernick)