25 Reasons We Love Austin

By , Tuesday, Jan 20, 2009, 12:00 AM

Source Article: 25 Reasons We Love Austin

Hey Cupcake doles out its treats from the window of a 1960s Airstream trailer. (João Canziani)

Hotel San José manager Bobby Johns, in the lobby decorated with bills from some of Austin's hot shows. (João Canziani)

Grilling pork ribs over live-oak logs and pecan shells at the Salt Lick. (João Canziani)

Uncommon Objects has a knickknack for everyone. (João Canziani)

The Victor Mourning band, playing country music at Yard Dog on First Thursday. (João Canziani)

Lady Bird Lake in central Austin. (João Canziani)

Lance Armstrong's bike shop doubles as a gallery of sorts—shown here, a collaboration by painter Raymond Pettibon and graffiti artist Gómez Bueno. (João Canziani)