My Kuala Lumpur Is Better Than Yours

By , Tuesday, Nov 18, 2008, 11:00 PM

Source Article: My Kuala Lumpur Is Better Than Yours

Sek Yuen, where locals gather for Cantonese-Malaysian favorites like fragrant five-spice pork belly with taro. (David Hagerman)

Weng Kee serves sticky, smoky char siew (barbecued pork). (David Hagerman)

Assam laksa, sold by the very last assam laksa stall on Madras Lane in Petaling Street Bazaar in Chinatown. (David Hagerman)

Asli Craft sells items that can only be found in Malaysia. (David Hagerman)

A collection of plush creatures called Dooodolls can be found at Whimsical Articles, a store devoted to brightly designed note cards, papers, and books. (David Hagerman)

Central Market houses crafts shops, restaurants and cafés, and a couple of food courts. (David Hagerman)

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia has models of the world's mosques and a gorgeous collection of fabrics, carpets, and clothing. (David Hagerman)

Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Centre. (David Hagerman)

The best place to start (or end) a night is at the open-air lounge Luna Bar. (David Hagerman)