Point Break Hotel

This hotel is just off one of the best breaks on the Nicoya Peninsula.

By Ted Loos, Thursday, Feb 9, 2006, 12:29 PM

Point Break Hotel

About this Hotel

Price From $40

There are six small cabins; the roofs are topped with dried palm fronds and the "walls" are largely screens (the overall effect is like sleeping out on a porch). White cotton curtains add a degree of privacy. The floors are concrete, inlaid with log cross-sections.

Each cabin is fronted by a sandy area with deck chairs for lounging.

One slightly more expansive cabin has its own bathroom and a fridge. The rest share a large bathroom, whose multiple sinks are out in the open.

For groups of four, there are two rooms in a wooden building that's lifted high on stilts, each with a bathroom and a kitchen. It looks like a big, fun tree house.