Transylvania's Revamped Guesthouses

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Source Article: Transylvania's Revamped Guesthouses

Simple, traditional meals, such as polenta with homemade sheep's cheese and chicken paprikash, are served in the wine cellar at Count Kálnoky's Guesthouses. (Courtesy Count Kálnoky\'s Estate)

The main guesthouse of Count Kálnoky's Estate in the quiet farming village of Miklósvár. (Courtesy Count Kálnoky\'s Estate)

Bastion Hotel's 12 rooms feature wireless Internet and flat-screen TVs. (Courtesy Bastion Hotel)

For its grand opening, the Bastion Hotel threw a party in the courtyard that featured actors in Victorian costumes. (Courtesy Bastion Hotel)

Built in 1883 as a summer residence for Romanian monarchs, the 160-room Peles Castle is just up the road from the Bastion Hotel. (Courtesy Bastion Hotel)

Casa Wagner is located on the main square of the medieval citadel of Sighisoara, a World Heritage site. (Courtesy Casa Wagner)

The vaulted ceilings in this suite at Casa Wagner complement the town's Gothic architecture. (Courtesy Casa Wagner)

Casa Wagner's Dracula dinner, served in the wine cellar, includes beet salad, vegetable skewers, and fillet of beef. (Courtesy Casa Wagner)

Each of Casa Wagner's 32 rooms contains antique Saxon furniture gathered from neighboring villages. (Courtesy Casa Wagner)

Zabola Estate's 16th-century castle is in disrepair, but the family intends to renovate it and eventually move in. (Courtesy Zabola Estate)

Guests of Zabola Estate stay in the six-room Machine House, which once housed the manor's electricity generator, and later, a weaving mill. (Courtesy Zabola Estate)

The dining room at Zabola Guest House, where the cook uses organic produce from the orchard and garden. A typical dish is veal with game sauce and wild mushrooms. (Courtesy Zabola Estate)

A view of the Zabola castle from the estate's private lake. The region is rich in cold mineral springs. (Courtesy Zabola Estate)