Totally Charming Hotels for Under $150

By , Tuesday, Oct 23, 2007, 12:00 AM

Source Article: Totally Charming Hotels for Under $150

MEXICO Named after the sugar mills in Veracruz, Azúcar is a collection of 20 white bungalows—each with air-conditioning and TV in addition to a private terrace with a hammock—connected by a stone path. (Courtesy Mexico Boutique Hotels)

MEXICO Six miles from the Mayan ruins of Tulúm, La Zebra's nine thatched cabanas have beds draped in mosquito netting, handmade furniture, and Wi-Fi. (Courtesy La Zebra Beach Cantina y Cabañas)

GREECE The Anemomilos is high on the cliffs of Folegandros Island; most of the 16 studio balconies face the Aegean Sea. Guests can watch for their ferry from the pool terrace. (Courtesy Anemomilos Apartments)

SAINT EUSTATIUS Built with bricks that served as merchant ships' ballast, The Old Gin House, in the Caribbean Netherlands Antilles, was once an 18th-century cotton factory. (Courtesy The Old Gin House)

UNITED KINGDOM A roadside tavern since 1385, The Bull Hotel in Wrotham, Kent, plays up its heritage with brick fireplaces, exposed oak beams, and hardwood floors. The restaurant serves local brews, as a proper British pub should. (Anna Watson)

UNITED STATES The restored hardwood floors at Northern California's Tallman Hotel date to 1896. The owners, Lynne and Bernie Butcher, built four additional two-story garden cottages next door. (Courtesy The Tallman Hotel)

BARBADOS After visiting Barbados for a writing assignment, German native Uschi Wetzels bought land in Bathsheba and built a seven-room hotel. The shared balcony of the Sea-U Guest House overlooks the sea. (Courtesy Sea-U Guest House)

THAILAND Opened last year in Bangkok's Chinatown, the 55-room Shanghai Inn reflects the neighborhood's glamorous past. The decor is bold; birdcages hang in bathrooms to make guests feel as if they're showering en plein air. (Christopher Wise)

THAILAND The three shops that now make up the Old Bangkok Inn were converted into a 10-room B&B decorated along floral themes: lotus, rose, orchid, lemongrass, jasmine, and rice. (Christopher Wise)

TURKEY Rooms at Istanbul's Hotel Nomade feel spacious even if they aren't. The rooftop terrace, four flights up, boasts direct views of the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. (Christopher Wise)