15 Places Every Kid Should See

By , Thursday, May 7, 2009, 12:00 AM

Source Article: 15 Places Every Kid Should See

Erica Love, 5, of Brookhaven, Pa., with her grandmother at the Grand Canyon in April 2005. (courtesy Lisa Love)

Grace Muratore, 5, of Beaufort, S.C., at the Statue of Liberty in June 2006. (courtesy Heather Muratore)

Nicolas Hamm, 5, of Burke, Va., at Colonial Williamsburg in June 2005. (courtesy Jennifer Hamm)

Marley Jordan, 9, of Nottingham, N.H., at the Lincoln Memorial.

From left: Elizabeth Bolton, 11, and her sister Sarah, 13, of Baltimore, Md., at Niagara Falls in 2006. (courtesy Kathryn Bolton)

Elliott Mueller, 7, of LaFayette, N.Y., at Gettysburg in April 2004. (courtesy Nancy Mueller)

From left: Sarah Bridges and her sister Brittany, of Midland, Tex., at the Alamo. (courtesy Becky Bridges)

Jessica Davi, 13, and her brother Kyle, 10, of Leominster, Mass., at Pearl Harbor in July 2006. (courtesy Steve Davi)

The Hamm family, of Burke, Va., at Monticello in September 2006. (courtesy Jennifer Hamm)

Emma Hills, 6, of Kettle Falls, Wash., at Walt Disney World in February 2004. (courtesy Jackie Fisher)