You Won't BELIEVE These 10 Smallest Bars in the World

When it comes to quirky destinations, you can't beat a cozy watering hole. And when we say "cozy," we mean it: These 10 bizarre establishments give new meaning to the phrase "three's a crowd."

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Source Article: You Won't BELIEVE These 10 Smallest Bars in the World

Nutshell Pub London

The Nutshell, a 105-square-foot pub in Suffolk, England, sits on a street built in the Middle Ages and served its first pint in 1867.

(Courtesy Nutshell Pub)

The Nutshell

No more than 20 people can squeeze into the Nutshell.

(Courtesy Nutshell Pub)

12sqm, Beijing

The 12Sqm Bar and Café, in Beijing, China, can accommodate about two dozen patrons.

(Courtesy Richard Shaw)

12sqm, Beijing

12Sqm serves 140 different kinds of spirits, including lots of imported beer, starting at $3 each.

(Courtesy Richard Shaw)

Slims Elbw Room, Cabo San Lucas

Slims Elbow Room, located in a crowded shopping district in Cabo San Lucas, can fit just four bar stools.

(Courtesy Michael P. D'Arco/Flickr)

Slims Elbow Room, Cabo San Lucas

Visitors are encouraged to slap signed dollar bills on the walls at Slims Elbow Room in Cabo San Lucas.

(Courtesy Michael P. D'Arco/Flickr)

Close Quarters Pub, Ohio

Close Quarters Pub, in Avon Lake, Ohio, is set on a quiet residential street, just a block away from Lake Erie.

(Courtesy Visit Lorain County/Flickr)

Smallest Bar, Key West.

The 72-square-foot Smallest Bar is tucked away in a corridor on busy Duval Street, in Key West, Florida.

(Heather Williams)

Oasis Roadhouse, Australia.

Stationed in remote Queensland, Australia, the Oasis Roadhouse is the only bar within a 37-mile radius.

(Courtesy Gary Pope/G’day Pubs)

Piano Bar, Tokyo

The interior of the Piano Bar, in Tokyo, is modeled after a German castle, with crystal chandeliers and red velvet walls.

(Courtesy spargluna/Flickr)

Piano Bar, Tokyo

Patrons can drink their cocktails out of fancy glass chalices at the Piano Bar in Tokyo.

(Courtesy Tor Rauden Kallstigen/ Flickr)

Mou Very, New Zealand

Mou Very owner Olivier Lequeux once ran for mayor of Dunedin, New Zealand.

(Courtesy Olivier R/Mou Very)

Mou Very, New Zealand

Mou Very, in Dunedin, New Zealand, measures less than six feet wide.

(Courtesy Amanda Rodgers)

Close Quarters Pub, Ohio

Sports pennants, vintage postcards, yacht-club flags, and maps of Lake Erie wallpaper the ceiling and walls of Close Quarters Pub, in Avon Lake, Ohio.

(Courtesy Visit Lorain County/Flickr)

Smallest Bar, Key West

In the Smallest Bar, in Key West, Florida, a colorful collection of hula hoops is stacked along the walls, and impromptu wiggle parties on the sidewalks outside are encouraged—right up until the 4 a.m. closing time.

(Courtesy Pamela Ott/Rum Therapy)

Oasis Roadhouse, Queensland

Two patrons—nearly the entire population of this three-person North Queensland town—can fit comfortably into Australia's 21-square-foot Oasis Roadhouse.

(Courtesy Gary Pope/G’day Pubs)

The Rake, London

The Rake, in London, England, stocks 160 bottled beers from around the world, including remote picks from Corsica, Indonesia, and Mozambique.

(Courtesy Gezlarge/Flickr)

Smallest Whisky Bar on Earth, Switzerland

The Smallest Whisky Bar on Earth, in Grisons, Switzerland, holds the distinction of being the Guinness Book of World Records recipient for "the Smallest Permanently Licensed Bar in the World."

(Courtesy Lugi Rosa/Flickr)

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