Baixa House

Every cloud has its silver lining: Portugal's ongoing financial crisis means fice-star amenities for two-star prices.

By Katie Bowman, Sunday, Oct 9, 2011, 4:00 PM

(Courtesy the Hotel)

Baixa House

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Price From $120

You just might want to move in to one of Baixa House's 12 airy apartments, with their fully equipped kitchens (including espresso machines and ovens) and homey details. The design team behind the property, which opened in February in the downtown Baixa shopping district, spent months collecting pieces to perfect the property's stylish, lived-in effect: floral Josef Frank wallpaper, Bordallo Pinheiro tableware, wool rugs from the Alentejo region, and vintage botanical drawings. But beware, the most welcoming amenity never lasts long: the parcel of plum cakes, fresh mangoes, or other breakfast treats delivered daily to each guest's room.