Photos: Secret Hotels of Italy

There aren’t a lot of places left in Italy that can qualify as "under the radar." At the farmhouses in the country’s northwestern corner, you’ll not only find room at the inns, you’ll also get a taste of the old country—the wine, the food, the connection to the land and its past—that’s as authentic as the sauce bubbling away on the stove.

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Source Article: Photos: Secret Hotels of Italy

Tenuta Montanello

Rolling slopes planted with Nebbiolo grapes at Tenuta Montanello.

(Raymond Patrick)

Tenuta Montanello vineyards

A closer look at Tenuta Montanello's 27 acres of vineyards.

(Raymond Patrick)

Terrace view

The vineyard view from the terrace of Tenuta Montanello.

(Raymond Patrick)

Casa Isabella pool

The pool at Casa Isabella, which overlooks fields of Barbera and Cavernet grapes.

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Monica Barattieri

Monica Barattieri of Casa Isabella holding an apple pie, fresh out of the oven.

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The blue room—one of five individually decorated rooms at Cascina Sant'Eufemia.

(Raymond Patrick)

antique wagon

An antique wagon outside of Villa Ile.

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Tetto Garrone

Fulvio Faccia and his son Pietro in the orchards at Tetto Garrone.

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La Traversina

The rustic communal table at La Traversina.

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family heirlooms

The inn's family heirlooms on display.

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