6 Outdoor Fall Products You Never Knew You Needed

Just because things fall out of trees this time of year doesn’t mean the good stuff will just drop in your lap. We’ve collected the smartest new products to make your autumn adventures as vibrant as those leaves.

By Colleen Clark, Friday, Sep 23, 2011, 12:00 PM

Source Article: 6 Outdoor Fall Products You Never Knew You Needed


FOR TAILGATING: Stadium bans on glass containers have taken some of the fizz out of the game. The Stanley Nineteen13 Carbonated Drink Bottle maintains the carbonation in 32 ounces of beer or soda thanks to it's insulated, pressurized canister. Plus, it's made from recycled plastic. Score!, $28.

(Levi Brown)

Fruit Picker

FOR APPLE PICKING: Let the littlest orchard visitors claim the low-hanging fruit. With the Twister Fruit Picker, you can gently pluck the best specimens from the loftiest branches. Just screw the attachment to a standard threaded pole (available at hardware stores), position it up to cradle the fruit, pull the cord to grab the fruit, twist, and voila! The apple is yours., $40.

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FOR PUMPKIN-PATCH PICS: It's not easy to snap a great family portrait when you're balancing your camera atop the nearest gourd. With it's aluminum-spike bottom, the collapsible Twig Pod stand holds steady in any soil-based terrain, and it's tripod mount fits all standard point-and-shoots., $28.

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Pocket Chair

FOR HIKING: If you're taking the kids on a nature tour, you'd better be prepared for rest stops. The collapsible, canvas-and-steel Pocket Chair weights less than two pounds, fits in it's own 6.5" x 9.5" tote, and can support up to 250 pounds of tired trekker—in case you need a rest, too., two for $15.

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Twig Pod

FOR LEAF PEEPING: Can't tell your aspens from your elms? Ask Leafsnap. Simply upload a photo from your iPhone or iPad, and the app will search it's ever-expanding database of foilage images for a match. Want to know more? Browse the apps's robust collection of over 2,500 high-resolution leaf, bark, fruit, and flower shots, and play botanist yourself., free.

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FOR BIRD-WATCHING: Rain and gusting winds don't stop our fine feathered friends from making their annual journey south, nor should the weather stop you from marveling at the winged migration. The compact, foldable REI W6 waterproof binoculars deliver prime, 10x-magnified views in even the soggieset, foggiest weather., $50.

(Levi Brown)