25 Dazzling Snow Scenes

Whether it's a powdered-sugar dusting along Bryce Canyon's walls, or floating ice caps in Glacier Bay, BT readers celebrate winter wonderlands worldwide.

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Source Article: 25 Dazzling Snow Scenes

Bryce Canyon

"Winter is a great time visit Bryce Canyon National Park in Southern Utah. There are less crowds and the canyon is usually filled with snow, making the scenery even more dramatic!"

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"A recent snowstorm in Middlebury, Vermont, covered the bittersweet vines with a dusting of wet snow."

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"I took this photo last spring during a snowstorm while driving to Great Falls and Billings, Montana."

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"Sun setting at midnight in Antarctica."


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"In winter in the Japanese mountains, the Snow Monkeys have found that they can enjoy the warmth of the natural hot springs and escape the winter cold."

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"Our winter hike to the Wave in northern Arizona."

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"Calm water at Skontorp Cove, Antarctica."

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"An old barn covered in snow I came across while driving home one day."

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"Bejing, when the big snow hit the city and shut down the town."

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"A deserted farm road lead to this lonely post stuck in a meringue of windswept snow in Northern Minnesota, near Fargo, North Dakota."

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"Central Park, NYC, 57th St. and 7th Avenue station in winter."

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"This snow sculpture was at the Yuki Matsuri in Sapporo, Japan."

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"Top of the World on Jungfrau in Switzerland."

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"The snow fields of Mt.Baker."

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"Kleine Scheidegg railway station, altitude 2061m, is situated right at the foot of the notorious Eiger North Face."

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"Polar bear mother and her cubs huddled for warmth. Hudson Bay, Canada."

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"Photo of a rustic, old barn in the valley of the Grand Tetons range with a foot of new, powdered snow."

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"Goðafoss, waterfall of the gods."

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"Pic taken in Glacier Bay, Alaska, while on a cruise in May."

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"Our friend from South America had a lot of fun her first time snow tubing in the mountains of Pennsylvania!"

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"I saw this little church sitting at the base of the German Alps, near Fussen."

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"The carriage at The Historic General Lewis Inn, historic Lewisburg, WV."

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"Snow falls in Moscow, Russia."

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"Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, China."

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"Germany's Hohenzollern Castle covered in snow in December."

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