Snack Your Way Across America!

Ready for the ultimate American food odyssey? From east to west, you'll find unique—and irresistible!—regional treats you have to taste to believe.

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Source Article: Snack Your Way Across America!

Regional Sweets

These 15 sugary snacks range from bite-size candies to crumbly cookies to chocolate-covered fruits and nuts, and all come with a side of American history.

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Idaho Spud

No potatoes are involved in the making of Idaho Spuds, which actually consist of coconut-flecked dark chocolate covering a springy cocoa-flavored marshmallow center.

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Chocolate Covered Macademia Nuts

Chocolate-covered macademia nuts are a quintessential Hawaiian treat and can be found anywhere and everywhere on the islands.

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California Turtle

Layers of chocolate and soft vanilla caramel are poured over toasted pecans to create turtles, which are known as pecan buds at See's candy shops all over California.

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The people of New Mexico love bizcochitos so much that they made the anise and cinnamon treats the official state cookie.

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Candy Sunshine

Children in Wisconsin have been enjoying Candy Raisins (which don't actually include raisins) since 1930. After the factory closed down in 2008, a version was reverse-engineered and relaunched as Candy Sunshine, available starting in March 2012.

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Coconut Patties

Florida's coconut patties come in flavors like key lime, mango, and piña colada.

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Peanut Brittle

Legend has it that peanut brittle was created by Virginia folk hero Tony Beaver, who poured peanuts and molasses in a river to stop a flood.

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Salt Water Taffy

Salt water taffy is sold up and down the Atlantic City boardwalk in New Jersey.

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Maple Sugar Candy

Maple sugar is twice as sweet as regular sugar, making these candies tooth-achingly delicious.

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Peanut Chew

Pennsylvania's Peanut Chews were first formulated for ration boxes back in 1917, but the bars of molasses and peanuts covered in dark chocolate continue to be popular today.

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Whoopie Pies

Whoopie Pies, sweet creamy frosting sandwiched between moon-shaped pieces of chocolate cake, are the official state treat of Maine.

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Goo Goo Cluster

Tennessee's Goo Goo Clusters are a sweet treat with longevity—the chocolate, nougat, and pecan candies turn 100 in 2012.

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When you order pralines (a combination of sugar cane and pecans) in Louisiana, be sure to pronounce it praw-LEENS.

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Ohio is the Buckeye State, so it's no surprise that that favorite treat is also known as buckeyes. The chocolate-covered peanut butter candies look like the nut from the buckeye tree.

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Aplets and Cotlets

Washington state's Aplets & Cotlets are a take on Turkish Delight, made with apple and apricot juice from the local harvest.

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