21 girl trips you absolutely love

All easy. All fun. No boys. You ready? We asked the audience for their best recommendations for a girls-only weekend escape (or longer, of course, if you can swing it). Here are 21 great places to unwind.

By Kaeli Conforti, Thursday, Feb 2, 2012, 8:00 AM

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Reader Shake'Mac Finley simply said "Hawaii!" We agree. And may we suggest the quiet, gorgeous island of Maui, pictured here?

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"Just returned from a "tour of the south" girls road trip. Lunch in Savannah, then on to Asheville, NC, for the weekend." —Grace Sak.

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"My sisters and I have been to several of the places in your top 10. My favorites are San Francisco, Charleston (going back this spring), and Hawaii." —Great Women's Vacations.

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"The Florida Keys are great for a girlfriend getaway. My friends and I did that last spring." —Margo Knight Metzger. For a unique shopping adventure try this road trip of Florida's best thrift stores up 1-95.

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"Five of my girlfriends who I have not seen since 1974 and have reconnected on Facebook plan to meet for a long weekend in May in Cape Canaveral, Florida. We all live in different parts of the country and have decided from this year forward we will meet someplace once a year in May. First up Florida, where one has a condo on the beach." —Karen Kuczka Daines

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Reader Barbara Traveler mentioned a cruise to Bermuda as one of her favorite girlfriend getaways.

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"I would recommend Asheville to anyone for a great girls weekend. Visited the Grove Park Inn, Toured the Biltmore Estate & Winery (which not every man would have the patience and appreciation for) and took in all the amazing food & drink available in Asheville. Wish we had even more time to explore all the wonderful boutiques there!" —Grace Sak.

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"NYC. Great shopping!" —Katrina Clarence Rene. Treat yourselves to a day of shopping, and end the night with a Broadway show.

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Reader Michele Jaczko Lefever simply said, "Vegas!" Save your money for the casino—here's our list of great budget-friendly hotel options.

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Reader Barbara Traveler mentioned a cruise to the Bahamas as one of her favorite girlfriend getaways.

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"Spent a weekend with a girlfriend last year Morro Bay, CA. I tried sea kayaking for the first time and loved it. We also headed up the coast to Hearst Castle which was amazing." —Carol Landry

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"We went to Door County, WI, in the winter. It was so relaxing. Sure there wasn't much open but [one of] the few things we liked was the Hands On Art Studio. They even have Adult Nights where you can bring in food and wine. Then going back and watching the snow was so much fun!" —Taunya Hagen.

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"We went to Stevensville/St. Joseph, Michigan on Lake Michigan. Tosi's for dinner, The Chocolate Garden for truffles, Bit of Swiss for breakfast/pastries, and the local area winery's such as the Round Barn. Walked Lake Michigan looking for sea glass." —Lisa Fravel Murray. Check out these other great winery-based day-trips around the country.

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"Paris to see a '50's fashion exhibit." —Barbara Traveler. Save your money for all the chic Paris fashion: Check out our France page for some great budget-friendly hotel ideas.

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Reader Barbara Traveler listed going to Italy to drink wine as one of her favorite girlfriend getaways.

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"Barcelona to see the sites and try the cava." —Barbara Traveler. Keep these Secret Restaurants of Barcelona in mind during your trip.

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"My two best girlfriends and I lead very different lives in very different parts of the country, but we choose a destination every year for a getaway. This year the plan is to rent a 4x4 in Costa Rica and plan our own tour. Even though it is difficult to plan these vacations (I have two small children), I come back so refreshed that I know I am a better wife and mother after my little break." —Heidi Wark Schroeder.

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"NYC with my girlfriends! Ocean City, MD also with my girlfriends." —Carol Davison.

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"NYC for sightseeing/shopping and Florida's Southern Gulf Coast for relaxing and cure for the winter blues!" —Sharon Gillon-Cato.

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"We like sightseeing and shopping in the cities, and the beaches in Hawaii or Mexico." —Great Women's Vacations.

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"Tulips in Oregon, fresh seafood and a castle tour in Victoria [B.C.] and chocolate tour along with more seafood in Seattle. Of course Forks was to take in the 'Twilight' hype. Took the trip with by best friend and we purchased fun, lady-like hats at one of Portland's outdoor markets and wore them throughout the trip. I'll always remember that trip." —Solo Travel Girl Blog.

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Where are some of your favorite places to go for a Girlfriend Getaway? Let us know! For more ideas, visit our Girlfriend Getaways page.

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