7 Products That Will Keep You Warm Outside

Nothing ruins wintertime fun like cold hands and feet. Of course you have wool mittens, but what about heated socks? Beat the elements with these ingenious inventions.

By Fran Golden, Monday, Nov 14, 2011, 12:00 PM

Source Article: 7 Products That Will Keep You Warm Outside

When it's so cold your nose tingles, forget fashion. Keep warm by layering up and listening to Mom: Cover your face, hands, and feet. These products can help ease the winter chill.

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heated scarf

Heated Scarf: Who knew that being practical could be so fashionable? Battery-heated scarves (in light blue or black) keep your neck warm and still manage to look nice. The heat lasts for about two hours using regular AA batteries, or add a two-setting lithium polymer battery ($79.95 for package of two batteries and a charger) and stay cozy up to 4.5 hours., $49.95.

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Agloves: Don't let frigid temps disrupt your texting and tweeting. The silver knitted into these gloves functions with smartphone touch screens, so you never need to decide between exposing your fingers to the elements and responding to a friend's call., from $19.99.

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BaseLayer Shirt

Sub Zero ¼ Zip Thermal BaseLayer Shirt: The key to keeping warm is layering. But how to layer without sweating—that is the question. Go Athletic Apparel has the answer in the form of an undershirt designed to combat that very issue—the three-layer system keeps you toasty outdoors with a thermal layer and dry indoors, thanks to a quick-drying liner., $50.

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ear-warmer headphones

Headphone Ear Warmers: Do an "I'm cold" dance with your own playlist. These warm and fuzzy ear-warmers have built-in stereo headphones that work with all MP3 players., $34.99.

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heated socks

The 12 Hour Heated Socks: Say farewell to cold toes—no matter what kind of footwear you're sporting. These unisex socks are made of wool and a high-tech wicking fabric to keep sweat at bay, plus a battery-powered heating element. They'll keep your tootsies toasty and dry for 12 hours., $24.95.

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extreme winter boots

Endurance Men's Extreme Cold Winter Boots: Whether you're out hiking or trying to enjoy the Aurora Borealis in Alaska, nothing ruins the mood like cold feet. Canadian company Baffin's boots are designed to keep your toes warm even in Arctic conditions where temperatures can hit a bone-chilling -148ºF., $189.99.

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heat pax

Heat Pax Body Warmers: An oldie but goodie, pop a Heat Pax in your vest for up to 20 hours of warmth. An air-activated chemical reaction inside the packet creates the heat., $9.99 for 10-pack.

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