Photos: Charleston and Savannah

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victorian mansion Charleston South Carolina

A Victorian mansion in Charleston, South Carolina.

(Christian Heeb/Redux)

Fort Sumter Charleston South Carolina

No self-respecting history buff would miss Fort Sumter, where the Civil War's first shots were fired.

(Courtesy TranceMist/Flickr )

Husk Restaurant Downtown Charleston South Carolina

It's no secret that Charleston is a hotspot for African-inspired, seafood-rich Lowcountry cuisine. Now the city is also a hub of New Southern dining, thanks in part to chef Sean Brock's restaurant Husk. The James Beard Award winner promises that every ingredient hails from the South.

(Courtesy Husk Restaurant)

Historic Market Hall Charleston South Carolina

A three-year, $5.5-million renovation has left Charleston City Market feeling more like a boutique than the tourist trap it once was. It's still a go-to spot for classics like benne (sesame) wafers and sweetgrass baskets.

(Michael Smith/Dreamstime)

Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim Reform Jewish Synagogue Charleston South Carolina

Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim Reform—a Jewish Synagogue in Charleston, South Carolina. The city has over 400 places of worship.

(Courtesy ChurchesOfAmerica/Flickr )

forsyth Park Fountain Savannah Georgia

Four of Savannah's 22 public squares date to the city's founding in 1753. This cast iron fountain in Forsyth Park isn't quite that old—it dates from 1858.


telfair Museum Art Barnard Street Savannah Georgia

Savannah has been a regional art hub since 1886, when the Telfair Museums opened as the South's first art museum.

(Courtesy J. Campbell/Flickr )

back Day Bakery Savannah Georgia

Even queues around the block won't keep fans from dinner at Paula Deen's The Lady & Sons. For dessert, follow another Deen cue and head to Back in the Day Bakery, where Paula says the old-fashioned cupcakes taste just like her grandmother's.

(Courtesy bymylaces/Flickr )

shopSCAD College Art Design Savannah Georgia

For unique souvenirs, head to shopSCAD, which sells Savannah College of Art and Design student-fashioned pieces like ceramic skull tumblers and pyrite earrings.

(Courtesy Amy Zurcher/shopSCAD)

fountain Ellis Square Savannah Georgia

Buried under a parking garage for 50 years, Ellis Square was restored in 2010 as a sleek plaza with an interactive, kid-friendly fountain.

(Courtesy philmarq/Flickr)

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