Budget Travel Editors' Dreamiest Trips

The staff of Budget Travel has logged some pretty serious miles through the years, embarking on amazing adventures like hang-gliding over Rio and riding a camel across the Sahara. Here are 12 of the editors' dreamiest trips.

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Arriving at mist-covered Machu Picchu at dawn on my birthday a few years ago.—Valerie Rains, Features Editor

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Riding camels out into the Sahara and sleeping beneath the stars in Morocco.—Andrea Minarcek, Contributing Editor

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Visiting a secret beach in Hong Kong that involved taking a metro to the end of the line, taking a cab for an hour, hiring a local fishing boat, then hiking over a mountain. Exhausting, but worth it.—Nicholas DeRenzo, Associate Editor

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My honeymoon to the Mayan Riviera. After the chaos that is planning a wedding, relaxing on the beach enjoying a piña colada was as dreamy as can be.—Robin Honig, Research Chief

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Jumping off the top of Tiijuca Forest National Park in Brazil, hang-gliding over Rio de Janeiro, and landing on Pepino Beach.—Whitney Tressel, Associate Photo Editor

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Spending a week driving around the Scottish Highlands, sampling whiskey, hiking to the top of Ben Nevis, and pulling over the greet the hairy coo.—Danielle Contray, Senior Digital Editor

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Staying at a castle-turned-hotel in Banff: majestic views from all sides, nooks and corners filled with books, endless outdoor activities, and the perfect little town for après-ski drinks.—Lisa Schneider, General Manager

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Horseback riding a mountain trail in the Andes—I was right up there with the condors, peering down miles below into the gorge and thinking I might die, but loving every minute of it.—Laura Michonski, Deputy Digital Editor

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Riding up a funicular to the top of a mountain that overlooked Lake Como, and the town of Brunate, in Italy. I swear I’m opening a B&B there someday.—Kaeli Conforti, Digital Editorial Assistant

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Six weeks to visit the Cook Islands, New Zealand, and Australia. Dreamiest part was the length of time!—Amy Lundeen, Photo Director

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A peaceful Christmas all alone on an isolated Philippine island.—Ryan Murphy, Intern

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A boat trip through the fjords of Norway. The scenery was stunning, and it was summer, so it was light until midnight.—Marc Peyser, Editor

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