PHOTOS: Heartland Road Trip

Smack dab in the middle of America, this leisurely drive across Nebraska's Sandhills region includes peaceful winding rivers, gentle hills, and some of the most interesting folks you'll ever bump into anywhere.

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Source Article: PHOTOS: Heartland Road Trip

Nebraska Sandhills Calamus Outfitters

One of the rustic rooms at Calumus Outfitters in Nebraska's Sandhills region.

(Debra Weiner)

Nebraska Sandhills cattle

Cattle soak up the scenery along the road in the Nebraska Sandhills.

(Debra Weiner)

Nebraska Sandhills Taylor

Taylor's unofficial population includes a town-wide collection of life-size cutouts evoking the town's prairie past.

(Debra Weiner)

Nebraska Sandhills

A sunset tour of the Sandhills.

(Debra Weiner)

Nebraska Sandhills general store

Wade Morgan's general store sells snacks, scented candles—and saddles.

(Debra Weiner)

Nebraska Sandhills chicken

Chicken Spaniard at the Sandstone Grill.

(Courtesy Sandstone Grill)

Nebraska Sandhills tanking

A livestock watering tank has room for eight people to go "tanking" on lakes and rivers.

(Joel Sartore/National Geographic Stock)

Nebraska Sandhills kayaking

Kayaking is peaceful and scenic on the beautiful Niobrara River.

(Maria Zoroyan/Dreamstime)

Nebraska Sandhills prairies forests

Nebraska's gentle natural beauty includes prairies and forests.

(George Burba/Dreamstime)

Nebraska Sandhills Niobrara River

Kayakers can paddle through six ecosystems—including prairies and forests­—on the Niobrara River.

(Chuck Haney/Danita Delimont)

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