24 American Beaches You Need NOW!

Warm sand, lapping waves—who's up for a trip to the beach? Now that it's summer, you don't have to go far. From the shores of Maui down to Florida's Gulf Coast, Budget Travel readers share 24 American beaches they love from sunrise to sunset.

By The Budget Travel Readers, Friday, Jun 1, 2012, 1:09 PM

Source Article: 24 American Beaches You Need NOW!

"View of a black sand beach near the Road to Hana on the Hawaiian island of Maui."

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"Little Sur River Delta, Big Sur, CA."

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"This is Cannon Beach in the state of Oregon and is it ever spectacular! No matter the weather, the view is always breathtaking! And you don't want to miss the sunsets, for sure, or the quaint little village just a short stroll from the beach."

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"Will Rogers State Beach, Los Angeles."

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"It wouldn't be summer without a trip to the shores of Lake Michigan and a clear night spent watching the sun set and seemingly sizzle as it dips below the watery horizon."

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"Looking down on Ebey's Landing beaches from the wildflower covered bluffs with Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains in the background."

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"The early morning view from the White Sands Inn on Grassy Key, FL, has all the charm of an earlier Keys experience, very low key and relaxing place to spend a few days."

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"Where the D river meets the Pacific Ocean in Lincoln City, Oregon is where you will find one of the biggest, flattest and windiest beaches in the West. An almost constant breeze makes this one of the best places to fly a kite of most any size by kite fliers of most any size."

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"Venice Beach."

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"Kailua Beach is a stunning beach on Oahu, Hawaii. While strolling down the beach I saw this man doing the same, donning a hat in the classic, laid-back Hawaiian style."

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"Half Moon Bay State Beach."

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"Sunrise at Myrtle Beach."

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"Early morning stroll on the beach, Fernandina Beach, FL."

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"Surfers and fishermen gather along the beach in Juno, FL as the sun rises."

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"Empire Beach, Empire, Michigan."

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"The Ocean Beach pier at sunset. San Diego, CA."

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"Makena State Park 'Big Beach', just south of Wailea, on the island of Maui. This is looking south from Makena Point. Makena Point separates Little Beach to the north and Big Beach to the south. This is my favorite beach on all of Maui."

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"Myrtle Beach, South Carolina."

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"A secluded beach in Santa Barbara."

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"Taken in Palm Beach Gardens, FL as the setting sun illuminates the marsh."

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"Enjoying the beach to myself at Bay Creek in Cape Charles, VA."

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"Orange Beach, Alabama Gulf coast."

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"Cheap boat rentals, dolphins, and crystal blue water makes a vacation to Clearwater Beach, Florida incredible."

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"A rainbow at sunset on the beach at Bald Head Island, North Carolina."

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