World's Greatest Foodie Destinations!

Some places you go for the museums, some for the scenery. And others, for the food! Here are the 13 places that Budget Travel editors and contributors want to go next.

By , Wednesday, Jan 14, 2015, 12:00 PM

Source Article: World's Greatest Foodie Destinations!

New York City. You can sample the flavors of the world without leaving the five boroughs.—Kaeli Conforti, Digital Editor

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San Francisco. All BT editors and contributors agree—SF is unrivaled for its array of world-class cuisine, from humble burritos and dim sum to cutting-edge creations.

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I would sample my way through New Orleans Jazz Fest (again!). —Amy Lundeen, Photo Director

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Croatia continues to surprise BT editors, contributors, and readers, with some of the best meals on the planet.

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Thailand. Sure, we love takeout pad thai, but BT editors recommend that you try lemongrass chicken in banana leaves in Chiang Mai—you'll be spoiled for life!

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It’s hard to beat Belgium’s quadruple threat: waffles, beer, chocolate, and frites. —Valerie Rains, Contributor

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Vietnam! For authentic pho and banh mi. It’s one of the few places where a vegetarian like me can get food spicy enough to make me sweat. —Whitney Tressel, Photo Editor

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Cappuccino, handmade pasta, gelato? Italia is the source of my cravings. —Robin Honig, Contributor

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Eating kosher while traveling is challenging...except in Israel. —Ruthie Kaposi, Digital Project Manager

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Charleston, for lowcountry dishes like gumbo, oyster, and shrimp and grits, is a favorite of BT editors, contributors, and readers.

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Barcelona. I daydream about eating tapas into the wee hours of the morning. —Robert Firpo-Cappiello, Editor in Chief

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Copenhagen, for the deliriously inventive New Nordic cooking at Noma. First course: live fjord shrimp served in a jar of ice water. —Nicholas DeRenzo, Contributor

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Macarons in Paris

I'd have to say Paris! It's difficult to explain how simple things like butter, ham sandwiches, and macarons can be so delicious that I find myself fantasizing about them, but it's true. —Jamie Beckman, Senior Editor

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