What's YOUR Favorite Sunrise?

Sleeping in while on vacation is a guilty pleasure, but one of the best photo ops is when the sun rises over the horizon. These amazing photos capture landmarks like the Taj Mahal, Easter Island, and national parks just as day breaks.

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Source Article: What's YOUR Favorite Sunrise?

"Hallett's Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park reflecting in Dream Lake at sunrise."

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"This is the sight I see when I wake up in the mroning on the island of Kauai! What a thrill!"

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"Enjoying the sunrise in by the lotus flower filled moat in front of Angkor Wat."

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"The sun rises over the famous moai at Ahu Tongariki on Easter Island."

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"Watching the sun rise over Machu Picchu from the Sun Gate is what awaits you at the end of the four day Inca Trail hike. Absolutely worth it!"

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"Taken at sunrise at the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, during our honeymoon."

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"Sunrise in the Maasai Mara, Kenya."

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"Snapped this beautiful sunrise from our crusie ship as we approached Bar Harbor, Maine."

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"Sunrise Ft. Davis, Texas."

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"This is a beautiful fall morning sunrise over Tioga Lake, in Yosemite National Park."

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"After several warm days and nights, frost hits again on the golf course in Myrtle Beach in January—what a surprise!"

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"Snapped this perfect relfection at sunrise at Disney Resort in Orlando, FL. First rays of sunlight were just hitting the resort across the lake."

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"A perfect African morning!"

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"This photo was taken from my deck in Auburn, California."

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"Sunrise as seen from the Ibis Centre Ponts Couverts hotel in Strasbourg, France."

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"It was the beginning of a new day after the last night of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. I was walking on the streets of Ipanema, when I looked through the buildings and noticed a very interesting light under the layer of clouds over the ocean."

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"How lovely to wake up to this lovely sunrise on the Deschutes River in the city of Olympia and state of Washington!"

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"Palermo Sunrise."

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"What is quite remarkable is that I was up and ready to take shots of the sunrise in San Felipe, Mexico. Perhaps it was because we stayed right on the beach so it didn't take too much  effort to find the right moment to try to capture the sun."

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"Sunrise at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon."

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"A hot-air balloon drifts through early morning mist at dawn, on a cold October morning. The warm light of the sun, emphasizing the mist and the frost on the fences and fields. Taken at the annual balloon festival outside of Winchester, Virginia."

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"Sunrise, Kenya"

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"Sunrise in the Antarctic Sound brings a spellbinding display of color and textures that lingers for a couple of hours."

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"After an all night bus ride, there could be worse places than the beach in Mancora, Peru to wait for checkin."

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"Early morning photo taken in Old Town of Istanbul, Turkey."

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"As I hiked down from Mt. Bromo in Java, Indonesia, the landscape became more stark and gray as the sun tried to peek out."

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"Spectacular sunrise view of the Towers at Torres del Paine National Park, Chile."

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"Sun rises over the Brooklyn Bridge, New York, NY."

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"We arrived at Oia as the sun was rising and we were treated to this first view of the caldera from our hotel, the Strogili apartments. It was so silent you could hear a pin drop."

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"As the sun begins to rise over the city of Philadelphia, its skyline reflects the first rays of golden-pink light."

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"Came upon this eerie scene at sunrise in Yellowstone National Park. Dense fog due to the many hot water pools and gyesers and a very crisp, cool fall morning created this mystical scene."

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"Sunrise at Sneed's Ferry, North Carolina."

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"Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is beautiful at anytime of the day, but to see the sun rising over these iconic rock formations, glimpsed in so many Hollywood movies, is truly breathtaking."

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"The sunrise appeared ghostly in the early morning mist while sailing on the Niger River to Timbuktu  In Mali, west Africa."

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"During an early morning connection at LAX, the sunrise blazed into our plane's cabin."

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